Article Writing – Top 12 Mistakes and How to Correct Them

Part 1

Writing and distributing articles for publication is one of the most lucrative methods for generating consistent and long term web traffic. If your article contains obvious mistakes it may not pass the scrutiny of article syndication editors and be rejected. Readers tend to dismiss an article with many grammatical or spelling mistakes. It gives the impression you are not professional.

If you want your articles to get read and distributed all over the Web, here are the top 12 mistakes you need to avoid:

1. Lack of keyword research

People enter keywords in the search engines to find useful information. Search engines will spider your article if it contains keywords people are searching for. Find targeted keywords or keyword phrases and weave them into your content. This provides continuous free traffic as more people will find your article from their searches.

2. Unattractive headline

Your headline is what readers see first, therefore create one that grabs your visitor’s attention. It needs to stand out from other articles visitors are exposed to. Try to include a benefit in your headline ie How to Write an Article That Boosts Web Traffic.

3. Paragraphs too long

Computer users tend to scan content rather than read each word therefore write paragraphs composed of several sentences.
Each paragraph should describe a point you wish to make. If you need to write more break it up into several paragraphs or create bullet points so it is easier to read.

4. Low quality content

Content that is too broad is boring. Make sure you provide content that has high value to your reader. Don’t waffle on about nothing. The body of your content should expand your headline by making clear points. Try to see your article from your reader’s viewpoint instead of your own.

5. Self Promotion

Don’t write a sales page. Leave your promotion message for the resource box at the end of the article. An article that obviously promotes your product or service will get rejected by article directory editors. You will lose the opportunity to build a reputation online by losing your readers. You want your name to be associated with providing valuable information.

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  1. It is important that a writer chooses a good and effective keyword. This will help you to target a particular niche of audience. But, keyword marketing should not be the only intention. The only thing that matters is the quality of content.


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