Article Writing Template – 7 steps for writing an article

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One of the easiest ways to begin writing articles is following a article writing template. It will enable you to easily plan out your article and write it in record time. Compare this to starting off with a blank sheet then mulling over ideas for hours before you actually begin writing.

Here’s a simple article writing template:

1. Research ideas

To come up with ideas for your article Google your subject (subject+article), visit ezinearticles, online magazine stores (ie amazon), forums and blogs. Alternatively visit your local bookstore or library.

2. Create an attention grabbing headline.

This is the first thing a reader sees so make sure it clearly represents what will be found in the article.
Try to include a benefit within the headline.

3. Write an introductory paragraph

This paragraph should provide a brief explanation of the content body and expand on your headline.

4. Write the body of article content

This is the meat of your article so write at 3 paragraphs that include at least 3 main ideas (one paragraph per idea). Give the reader valuable well written content that will make them want to read more of your articles.

5. Write a concluding paragraph

This should summarize what your article was about. Don’t use the same words already contained in your article. Use your creativity to convey it in a different way.

6. Create a resource box

This is where you invite your readers to take action. You can motivate them to act by giving away a free report or software. Include a link back to your web site so readers can go there to get more information, buy your products, services or subscribe to your ezine.

7. Check grammar and spelling mistakes

It looks very unprofessional if your article is littered with grammatical errors. Get someone else to check for errors or let it sit for a few hours then read it again. Errors are often easier to spot after taking a break from writing your article.


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