Articles – The Cons of Using Submission Software

I have no doubt article marketing works as I’ve used this method for years to generate new customers for my web design business. It also helps build backlinks, raise search engine rankings and sell products. Many article marketers use submission software to blast their articles out to thousands of directories at the same time. This may get you some traffic however there are also some detrimental effect you need to be aware of.

The Cons of Using Submission Software

1. Automated article submissions

Even though submission software will save you a lot of time submitting the same article to multiple directories simultaneously it will not do you much good because only a few will actually publish your content.

Instead purchase software which enables you to submit to separate directories so you can abide by their submission rules. Select the top 10 directories to submit to. If possible alter the titles and anchor text for each submission.

2. Software not kept updated

Software that is not kept updated will soon be rendered useless because article directories often change their rules to prevent article spam. The quality of the directory will suffer if the content quality is lowered. Before purchasing submission software make sure you will receive lifetime updates.

3. Creates unreadable content

Some submission software will create hundreds or thousands of new versions from the same article by substituting words and phrases. Often the content is unreadable and doesn’t make sense to the person reading it. This floods the search engines with useless content and causes them to alter their ranking formulas to prevent article spam.

For example on 24th Feb 2011, a major update by Google (named Panda or Farmer Update) on how it ranks sites affected 12% of search results and halved many sites’ visitor numbers. The goal was to remove poor quality sites from the top of Google’s results pages. As a result many top article directories saw their traffic decrease and changed their submission rules so only high quality content could be submitted.

4. Expensive

When software engineers discover a need they try to fulfill it. Since their was an urgent need to save time submitting content to article directories submission software was created. Website owners often spent thousands of dollars to acquire it only to find out alter it didn’t accomplish all that was promised.

What to do instead
Submit to the top directories manually or if you purchase submission software make sure it will allow you to submit to each directory separately.

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