How To Associate Multiple Websites With Your YouTube Account

associate multiple websites with youtube Did you know that you can associate up to 1,000 sites to your YouTube account? This includes news and mobile sites. This means you can link a video to any site that you own on your YouTube account.

Most YouTubers think you can only associate one website with your YouTube account. After associating one website you can add more associated websites via Webmaster tools. When you want to link to an external website, annotations will just look at Webmaster Tools to see if the domain is allowed.

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Here are the steps to associate multiple
websites to your YouTube account:

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  • Log into your YouTube channel
  • Click on channel – Advanced
  • Scroll down to where you see associated website
  • Add a website that you own
  • Click “add”
  • It says “success”
  • I can remove the first website (URL) then add a different one(URL)
  • Click “add” again and you’ll get “success” again
  • So I’ve now associated 2 websites with my YouTube channel
  • You can add additional websites that you own (up to 1000!)

Here are 4 tips to keep in mind:

1. If you don’t see the associated website option that means that your YouTube account may not be verified or that your associated website may not be verified.

2. All websites associated with your YouTube account
can be used across multiple channels on that account.

3. You can automatically add and verify blogger sites
by enabling webmaster tools via the blogger dashboard.

4. You can use YouTube Cards to link your video to an associated website.

That’s it!

Now you know how to associate multiple websites with your YouTube account.

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