Automated vs Natural Backlinking – Which Method Is Most Effective?

You’ve probably seen offers saying something similar to “100 edu backlinks for $50” or offering software that promises you a No 1 ranking on Google with automated backlinking software. The question is…

Should you buy backlink packages or automated backlinking software?

Most websites owners know they need backlinks to improve their rankings. The problem is they don’t have time or the energy to engage in conversations on blogs, forums and social media sites in their niche so they opt for an easy way….automated backlinking.

What is automated backlinking?

This refers to using software to automatically build links to your website. For example the software automatically submits your content to 1000s of article directories and social media sites. The problem is that search engines can easily decipher a sudden spike in links to your site resulting in lowered rankings because they view it as spamming the search engines.

What is natural backlinking?

Search engines want to see natural backlinking. This means steadily acquiring links over a period of time. One of the best examples is to create content that others will naturally link to (often called link bait). If you continually offer content that helps solve people’s problems your visitors will reward you by linking to it.

Content marketing as an effective backlink strategy

Content marketing is one of the most effective ways to get high quality backlinks because “Content is King” on the Internet. People constantly search the Net for good content whether it’s text, video or audio. Apart from just posting content on your blog re-purpose it so you can reach a larger audience as some people prefer to watch and listen rather than read content.

So what should you do?

Build backlinks naturally by repurposing your content.
For example:

  • Convert your article to video and submit it to video sharing sites
  • Convert your aritcle to a podcast and submit it to podcast directories
  • Convert your article to a PDF and submit it to document sharing directories
  • Convert your articles to an ebook and submit it to ebook directories.
  • Become a guest blogger by offering your content as a guest blog post
  • Offer your content for publication to ezine publishers in your niche

Every one of the above methods provides opportunities to get high quality backlinks to your website to increase search engine rankings.

Content marketing does require some work but let me ask you one question…do you want your website rankings to improve naturally and maintain their positions or do you want to use automated backlinking to gain an initial ranking increase but over the long term result in lowered rankings?

Let me know what you think by leaving a comment in the box below.

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