Autoresponder Content – 5 ways to Easily Generate Follow-up Email Messages

One of the reasons people don’t use autoresponders for their email marketing campaigns is they don’t know how or lack the time to write the follow-up email messages. For example if you want to create a 7 day email sequence you’ll need to write 7 pieces of content.

5 ways to generate autoresponder content

1. Do-it-yourself

Select a subject you know a lot about then create a list of 7 topics. Write a paragraph of 500 words for each topic so you’ll have 7 follow-up messages. Load the content into your autoresponder. Make sure you create transitional phrases between each message so prospects look forward to receiving the next message.

2. Articles

Take 7 articles you’ve already written that relate to the same subject. You may have to change a few sentences at the beginning and end of each article to make them flow into each other.

3. Other people’s content

If you don’t have any content of your own use content that has already been written. For example go to the top article directory…ezinearticles and and select 7 articles. Contact the authors of the articles to get permission to use them. Most authors will be happy to have them published as long as you leave the resource box intact. The resource box will include a link to their product. Ask the author if they have an affiliate program for their product and if you can substitute their link for the affiliate link. This benefits both you and the author because you’ll both make money if someone buys the product through the affiliate link.

4. Blog archives

If you’ve posted regularly to your blog you’ll have a ton of content that can be used for autoresponder messages. Simply choose 7 relevant posts related to the product you are trying to promote and load them into your autoresponder. Edit the content to make sure it reads well for your visitors.

5. Reports or Ebooks

If you’ve already written reports or ebooks, select a portion of the content and break it into 7 sections. Use these 7 sections to create the 7 follow-up messages for your autoresponder series.

Now you have no excuse for creating autoresponder content.

Action steps

The most difficult part is to get started. To overcome this obstacle set aside a 2 hour block of time. This should be your most creative time of the day. Select your content source from one of the points mentioned above then dedicate yourself to completing the task.

If you repeat this process several times you’ll create content for several autoresponders which will enable you to sell more products.

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