Autoresponder Marketing Strategies That Will Double Your Sales

One of the biggest failures of online and off-line businesses is following up on your customers. It doesn’t take much effort to sell a customer an item from your store but it takes a greater effort to follow-up to them. For online businesses you may be happy to get a few sales after a person has visited your sales page but most customers will leave without buying from you. If you employ autoresponder marketing strategies you’ll retain customers and generate more sales.

What is a sequential autoresponder?

This is web-based or desktop software which enables you to send e-mail messages sequentially. For instance after a person has filled in their contact information on your landing page, it is stored in a database. You can now schedule e-mails to be sent to your email list automatically each day, several days apart or whenever you wish. This saves you lots of time because you don’t have to do it manually.

3 Autoresponder Marketing Strategies That Will Double Your Sales

1. Follow-up on potential customers

Most customers visiting your sales page are not impulse buyers. Only about one or 2% will purchase your product the first time they see it. Generally speaking, prospects usually would like more information before making a buying decision. Instead of letting them do the research, do the research for them by sending a new tip every few days using a sequential autoresponder. If you can’t do their most frequently asked questions they will be more open to your product recommendations. Set up at least 7 follow-up e-mails that are spaced one or 2 days apart and include a link to your product sales page at end of each tip. Include a teaser sentence at the bottom of each e-mail about what they’ll receive in the next e-mail.

2. Follow-up on buyers

A person that has already purchased your product has already opened their wallet. This shows they liked what they read and trusted you enough to spend their money with you. Set up a different autoresponder for buyers than for potential clients. Content that can be included in your autoresponder series may include:

  • Ask for feedback on the product
  • Ask for testimonials
  • Send survey questions
  • Provide tips on how to use the product
  • Recommend useful resources
  • Suggest related products

3. Create an e-course

An e-course is a series of lessons sent by e-mail. To create an e-course write articles of 500 words or more or use the articles you’ve already written on a specific topic then load them into your autoresponder. A lesson could also be a short report, a video or a podcast. If it’s a 12 week course set up your autoresponder to send out a new lesson each week. Price your e-course according to the amount of time you put into it. Alternatively sell it for $7.00 so most people can afford it, then sell a higher priced product within your e-course. People who have already spent their money with you are more open to buying again.

If you wish to generate more sales set up multiple autoresponders to sell multiple products.

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