Autoresponder System That Generates Sales On Autopilot

One of the biggest problems people make when trying to earn money with an online business is doing things in a haphazard way. They purchase all kinds of ebooks, courses and subscribe to multiple newsletters but don’t settle on a system that works. Following a proven system means you have a map to success. An autoresponder system enables you to sell products on autopilot.

How an autoresponder system works

The secret behind an autoresponder system is in the follow-up. About 100 people that read your sales page only one or 2 will actually purchase the product. That’s a 1 to 2% conversion rate. This means the other 98 people will leave and never be seen again. An autoresponder system enables you to capture prospects information from a landing page, store them in an online database and send a series of email reminders at pre-scheduled intervals. Instead of never seeing your prospects again they become part of your e-mail list. The size of your list will increase as more people subscribe from your landing page or other web properties e.g. blogs, forums, Facebook fan pages, etc.

How to generate sales on autopilot with an autoresponder system

The main components of a successful autoresponder system include a landing page, a free offer, product, sales page, autoresponder content and traffic.

Let’s look at each of these separately.

Landing page
The landing page is a web page that contains the sign-up form for your autoresponder. A professional autoresponder service usually provides the HTML code for the sign-up form. Simply copy and paste the HTML code into your web page. The landing page should also include several bullet points outlining the benefits of receiving a free offer.

Free offer
The purpose of a free offer is to motivate your prospects to fill in their name and e-mail address on the landing page. This could be a short report, software, video or podcast. Make sure you offer great content otherwise you won’t get many people signing up.

Your product is what you promote in your follow-up e-mails. One of the easiest products to create is an e-book or short report. If you’ve already written a series of articles simply bundle them together to create your report.

Sales page
Your sales page is what potential customers read before purchasing a product. Make sure it is an attractive web page that includes the main benefits of your product, some testimonials, a few bonuses and a sense of urgency (ie “this price is only good for the next 48 hours so buy now before the price increases.”)

Autoresponder content
This refers to the series of e-mails you load it into your autoresponder. Write at least 7 e-mail messages. Each one should flow smoothly into the next. Your first message should thank them for downloading the free report and provide an outline what to expect in subsequent messages. The next e-mail 6 messages should contain useful tips to pre-sell your product. The more informed your prospects are the more sales you’ll generate. At the end of each message include a link to your product sales page. This gives your prospects an opportunity to purchase any time during the follow-up process.

The first e-mail should be sent immediately after your prospect has signed up. The next 6 e-mails should be spaced one or 2 days apart so your message is kept fresh in their minds. Once your autoresponder is loaded up with these 7 e-mails it will automatically get delivered at their scheduled times leaving you free to work on other aspects of your business.

Traffic is the lifeblood of your business. The more traffic you generate to your landing page the more sales you’ll make because your list is expanding. This means more people will enter your autoresponder system. Some of the most effective ways to generate traffic include: article marketing, video marketing, search engine optimization, pay per click advertising, video marketing and search engine optimization.

Once you have your autoresponder system set-up you’ll be able to generate sales on autopilot. Don’t expect things to go perfectly the first time but with continued practice your sales will improve.

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