Autoresponder vs Sales Letter

Most online marketers only use a sales letter to make product sales however they are missing out on boosting their profits by not following up on their customers with an autoresponder sequence. It’s a known fact that most visitors will not buy something on the first visit but if several reminders are sent your sales will increase.

Visitor Value of Straight Sales Page vs Multi-Day Autoresponder Sequence

Autorepsonder vs Sales Letter

In the diagram above the sales letter starts out in the lead, but even with a VERY LUCKY first day, the Autoresponder beats it by 91% in just 8 days! By the 8th day the sales letter Visitor Value is 48 cents, while the Autoresponder Visitor Value is 92 cents. The numbers are erratic at first but a clear pattern emerges after a few days: The Autoresponder doubles sales fast.

Source: Autoresponder Boot Camp

In the above experiment Google traffic was sent directly to the sales page (purple) and to an Opt-in page. This spit test was done to view how effective an autoresponder sequence would be.

The traffic was split 50/50 to view the Visitor Value over a period of 8 days. The autoresponder redirected people back to the same sales letter over a period of time. On the first day the sales letter outperforms the opt-in, 4:1 however within a few days the autoresponder performance increases. On Day 4, the autoresponder passes the sales letter. By Day 8, the autoresponder outsells the sales letter by 91%.

If the autoresponder sequence was extended past Day 8 it would even do better. You never know when you touch the customers hot button before they decide to buy from you.

Let’s look at the differences between a sales letter and an autoresponder

1. Length of content

A sales letter is usually very long thus it takes a long time to read. There is often a debate about short vs long sales letters however if a person is very interested in your product they’ll have no problem reading all the content. The reality is that only a small percentage of visitors will buy the product.

What happens to the 95% or more who don’t buy your product?

You’ll never see them again unless you capture their contact information and follow up with them.

With an autoresponder you only need to write a few paragraphs of content for each email. This helps the visitor to quickly and easily read the short pieces of content. Every few days they are sent another piece of content.

2. Frequency of contact

A visitor will only see your sales page once unless you implement a series of messages using your autoresponder to send them back to the sales page. Most people are easily distracted and will quickly forget what they read then move on to the next task. To capture their attention and make your message stand out from all the other attention grabbers, you need to continually stay in touch with them.

3. Pitching vs talking

Sales letter content involves pitching your product. It’s like preaching to a person whereas autoresponder content is like talking to a person. You are engaging in a conversation with that person. When writing your series of autoreponder emails imagine you are talking to one person as if you are conversing with them over a cup of coffee. Don’t use corporate will drive them away.

Create more content than pitch. Write 80% content and 20% pitch. For example if writing a series of 5 emails, 4 of them should be content and 1 should be pitch.

Action steps

  • Create an autoresponder account.
    Create an opt-in landing page
  • Write a short report as a free offer to get visitors to opt-in
  • Write a series of email messages
  • Create a product to sell
  • Write a product sales page

After visitors have opted in to your landing page, they’ll automatically begin receiving your email messages over the next few days or weeks. After reading your email they’ll get redirected to your sales page.

With this autoresponder strategy you can double your sales.

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