Best Practices For Building Social Media Into Your WordPress Website

Social media is one of the best community building tools available in marketing today. Especially important is how you are incorporating social media organically into your brand website to make it more engaging. Below you’ll find some great best practices to lead you along the way.

social media best practises

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1. Place social media logos on your site for instant identification

Here are a couple of plugins that make this very easy to accomplish:

Social Profiles Widget
This plugin enables you to display social media icons in your sidebar or any other location on your site that allows widgets.

Tweet, Like, Google +1 and Share Plugin
This is a very simple social share plugin with just 5 social icons. 99% of posts shared use these 5 social icons (i.e Twitter, FB Like, Google +1, Linkedin and FB Share). Lesser social icons means your pages will load much faster.

2. Build social media sharing links into your posts

When visitors find your posts valuable they want to share it with their friends. Make it easy to share the content by including social sharing links or buttons at the end of your post by installing the Shareholic plugin.

3. Consider using Facebook as your commenting system

Facebook is the second most popular site on the Net so begin using it to connect with like minded people in your niche.

Here are 3 ways to do this:

There are many enterpreneurs working solo from their homes that want to bounce off their ideas and thoughts with someone else in their field. Get social by interacting interacting with the people visiting your own Facebook page by answering their questions and replying to their comments.

4. Use Twitter and Facebook website plugins to show recent posts and tweets on your blog.

When people visit they can instantly see what current topics your fans are talking about then participate in the conversation.

Twitter Feed Plugin

Facebook Feed Plugin

When you incorporate social media deeply into your website, your website receives an instant sense of community that it may never have otherwise. It’s that type of community that builds brand loyalty and sets brand preference, so get that social media placed in your site today!

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