Best YouTube Title Generator For SEO & More Views

Do you get frustrated trying to come up with a compelling title for your next YouTube video?

Don’t worry because you’ll discover the best YouTube video title generator that shows you how to title YouTube videos for SEO and views.

You’ll learn:

  • How to quickly come up with new topics for your YouTube videos.
  • How to get keyword suggestions to use in your video titles.
  • How to evaluate your titles so your videos will rank in your YouTube search.
  • How YouTube algorithms are promoting your videos and YouTube search suggested videos and Google search.
  • How to find relevant tags that align with the title. How to make your custom thumbnail stand out from your competitors’ thumbnails.
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Here’s my video that’s currently ranked at the top of Google for how to title YouTube videos 2020. Out of 2,470,000,000 results.

google carosel

It’s also the first video that appears in the carousel and it currently ranks number 10 on the first page of YouTube.

  1. Sign up for the MorningFame Tool
  2. Login to MorningFame
    Click on keyword research.
  3. Choose a video topic.
    If I add “how to title” in the search box and it immediately gives me the suggestions which come from YouTube search. I recommend adding video titles to a Google doc so you have ideas for future videos. I’m going to select how to title your YouTube videos.
  4. Choose a target search term.
    The title should include a targeted keyword phrase so your video can be found in search engines. We’ve got common keywords, these are great choices for larger channels, so I could use…
    YouTube SEO,
    How to write title for YouTube video that get views.
    How to title your YouTube videos.
    How to title YouTube videos.
    How to write best title for YouTube video

    Or I can use uncommon keywords which are great choices for the smaller channels…
    How to title and tag your YouTube videos to get more views, et cetera.
    Keep in mind it’s more difficult for smaller channels to rank their videos in the search engines, therefore, you want to go for less competitive keyword phrases which are called long-tail keywords. I’m going to choose how to title YouTube videos. MorningFame also shows me the top-ranking titles and tags for that keyword phrase.

    It’s always good practice to check out the competition on YouTube to see if you can rank for the particular title you choose. I’m going to choose how to title YouTube videos.
  5. Evaluate your tag search term.
    It’s best to evaluate your search term before you make your actual video, otherwise, you might waste your time trying to rank a video that’s too competitive. I’m using how to title YouTube videos and also you can get more suggestions if I click on “suggestions. It’ll give me the long-tail search terms and similar search terms with the letter score. As I mentioned before, long-tail keyword phrases are easy to rank for, especially if you have a small channel.

    I got how to title YouTube videos for more views with a letter score of A D A A. That probably would be a good one.

    How to title YouTube videos for SEO, B E E A. How to title YouTube videos 2020.

    Click here if you want to know how to find less competitive keyword phrases so you can more easily rank your YouTube videos

    I get a B of subscribers, D for views. D for likes and comments, and A for relevance, which is pretty good. MorningFame says aim to find a search term for which you get at least a D for all four metrics. Small channels should aim for at least a B for relevance. I can look at the current results for the search term on YouTube search.

    This video got over 3,000 views. This one’s got over 53,000 views. Here’s my video that I researched, I’m listed number three for the recommended results. This is a video that I previously researched and now ranks on the first page of YouTube. So I click choose for step four. Then it gives me the title, 40% achieved. If I enter description, then I’ve got 18% of 20% achieved, so I can make that 20%.

    When you enter description, make sure you weave your title into the first three lines. The first three lines of your description is what is viable under the video when people are watching it.

    When adding tags to YouTube video, make sure they’re highly relevant to the content that you’ve produced. It also gives me more suggestions for other tags I can use and the relevance. If I click on the green icon, then it says one of the top five tags which add to final score. I would add all these ones that have a green checkmark next to them. This will save me a ton of time.

    MorningFame makes it really easy to find relevant tags for YouTube videos based upon the relevancy score. I can also upload a custom thumbnail that is different to all the other ones that are ranking for the search term. In this case, I’ve got this thumbnail which I used, which stands out from all the others.

    Keep in mind, your thumbnail should match the title of your video to win the click from your viewers. If you get a high-click through rate, then YouTube will surface more of your videos on other people’s channels. I can see how it looks in dark mode also, as well as in light mode. Let’s just add an example thumbnail. If I click on show sizes, then it will show me all the different thumbnail sizes: external website, desktop, tablet, and how it looks on a phone.

    Keep in mind that most of the audience on YouTube views your thumbnails from a mobile phone. Therefore, you want to make sure that your thumbnails stand out on a small screen.

    If I click on show vision AI, it’ll give an indication of my thumbnail safe, so adult, spoof, medical, violence, racy, et cetera. I can just copy the title, description, and tags to my clipboard and use it when I upload my video.

    As you can see, the MorningFame Tool is the best video title generator for SEO and more views. It’ll save you a lot of time making sure that your videos are going to rank in the search engines. I was able to rank my video on the first page of Google as well as the first page of YouTube search.

    Keep in mind you also want to satisfy your viewers as well as the search engines. You can do this by having a compelling phrase or emotional trigger to the end of your title.

    When I was researching the title for this video, I decided to add my secret formula to the end of it so it compels viewers to click on the video.

    How can you use MorningFame to analyze the performance of your channel and videos?
    Click analytics report. You got four tabs here, traction, strategy, workshop, velocity, algorithm. Under algorithm, it says how do YouTube algorithms promote you?

    Under YouTube search, you get your top searched terms for your channel and top videos for your channel.

    Under Google search, you can find your top videos.

    Under suggested videos, you can also find your top videos. Under traction, you can find out if your channel is trending upwards, how much each video contributed to grow your channel, for example, this video made my channel grow, got a lot of views, likes, comments, and subscribers.

    Under strategy, you can find out the strength of your channel performance and your growth opportunities. It says create more of these videos.

    Under workshop, it says create more of these to grow your views and then you can research your next video.

    Under velocity, you can see the number of views and likes 72 hours after publishing.

If you want to learn my secret formula for how to title YouTube videos, watch my next video.

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