Blog Marketing – Top 10 ways to attract web traffic

The beauty of creating a blog is that you can add it to your current web site or use it as a stand alone web site then market your products or services with it to attract lots of web traffic.

Top 10 Ways to Attract Web Traffic With Blog Marketing:

1. Add fresh content

If you consistently add new content you will not only attract regular readers but also the search engines. Try to add new content to your blog at least 3 times a week.

2. Optimize your content

Make sure you optimize the titles, paragraphs and links within your content. This means you must first do keyword research to incorporate keywords related to your content.

3. Include keywords in your tags

WordPress allows you to include tags below each post. Place your most popular keywords in these tags separated by commas.

4. Add meta tags

Use the headspace or seopack plugin to add title and description meta tags to each post. Search engines place great emphasis on title tags that contain your keyword at the beginning.

The description meta tag is what visitors read about your site when they find it in the search engines. Make sure the description of your page will get the reader to click to your content.

5. Create internal links

A single doesn’t get much traction in the search engines unless you get links pointing to it. If you have related content from other areas of your blog create a text link (anchor text) within that post that links to your current content. Your post ranking will increase in proportion to the number of links pointing to it.

6. Encourage commenting

Include questions within your content and encourage readers to leave a comment. This increases blog interactivity. Readers will see that it’s an active blog and will want to read the comments and provide their own feedback.

7. Leave comments on other blogs

Find blogs that have content related to your own and write a comment that compliments their post or is in response to another other comments. With each comment include a link back to your own blog.

8. Use trackbacks

A trackback is procedure for notifying the original blog poster that you have referred to their blog post in another blog. Leave lots of trackbacks to popular blog posts on your own blog. This will encourage those you trackback to, to do the same and will increase traffic to your site.

9. Submit to blog directories

Here is a free list of the top 100+ blog directories you can submit your blog to…

10. Submit RSS Feed to RSS Directories

Here is a list of submission urls for RSS and blog directories you can submit your blog or RSS feed to.

Blog marketing is a process that must be done consistently to reap great benefits. By employing the strategies above you will get a steady flow of web traffic that will increase over time.

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