Blog Redesign – 7 Signs Your Blog Needs To Be Redesigned

If you don’t keep up with the latest design trends your blog may begin losing traffic. If you designed it several years ago it may have lost its appeal to your visitors and now needs an overhaul. Even if you don’t want to invest time and effort consider optimizing it for maximum performance.

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7 Signs Your Blog Needs To Be Redesigned

1. No definite purpose

Perhaps you started a blog based on an idea or hobby but didn’t have a clear vision how to develop it. For instance if you want to make money from your blog you need to monetize it by offering your own products, selling affiliate products or optimizing it with Adsense Ads. A redesign will help display your products, services and/or ads more clearly.

2. Unclear theme

If you create content on many different themes it confuses your readers. For example if your main theme is about website design and you also write about the latest hair styles you’ll lose visitors and rankings. Search engines want to provide the best results for peoples’ searches. Sticking to one theme helps your pages rank well and receive targeted visitors.

3. Outdated design

Get several people’s opinions of your current blog design. Perhaps it is too cluttered, uses too many colors or the text doesn’t stand out on the page. A professional blog design uses plenty of white space between the elements on the page. This makes it easy on the eyes and enables visitors to read the information more easily.

4. Small width

Almost no one uses a computer screen size of 800 x 600 pixels anymore. Most laptops use 1024 x 768 screen size and many desktop users have even larger screen sizes. If the width of your blog design is 800 pixels it will look small on a large screen. Most blogs have a width of at least 960 pixels so make sure your new design uses a large width.

5. Lack of organization

How your information is organized on your blog affects visitors’ interaction. For instance if you want your blog to rapidly help build an email list place an opt-in form near the top of your pages so it will be one of the first things a visitor will see. Offer a free report or e-course to motivate them to subscribe.

If you want people to connect with you on Twitter, Facebook, YouTube place those icons in a prominent location. Invite readers to connect with you at the end of each post.

If you sell services, products and or advertising create pages that clearly describe what you’re offering.

6. Lack of search engine optimization (SEO)

Is your blog design based on a free theme? The problem with many free themes is the designer did not have SEO in mind. Some of the factors affecting how your site performs may include:

  • bloated code
  • duplicate web pages
  • different web addresses (“URLs”) displaying identical content
  • incorrect or lack of meta tags

If you get a custom redesign or purchase a professional theme for your redesign your rankings may increase and your pages load faster. Keep in mind if your current blog already receives high rankings make sure the SEO settings get transferred correctly otherwise you’ll lose your current rankings.

7. Not optimized for mobile phones

Soon there will be more people accessing the Web on smart phones than desktops. This means your blog may look good on desktop or laptop computers but look terrible on smart phones and/or tablets. When redesigning your blog make sure you also optimize it for mobile phone users so you’ll attract a wide audience.

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