Build a Content Web Page for Your Product

Ecommerce sites usually contain a number of products per page with the name of the product, its SKU number and price. This is ok for the visitor who knows what he is looking for but does not do much for the search engines or those customers that want their needs addressed before they buy.

The solution is to build a keyword focused content web page for each of your products.

Benefits of building a content web page

1. Provides search engine friendly pages – research keywords related to each of your products and build pages with them.

2. Attract more traffic – with more keyword focused pages you will generate more traffic.

3. More entry points – visitors can enter your site from any of your internal product pages instead of just your home page.

4. Build additional trust and credibility – expanding your product descriptions gives customers more information than if you just have columns of product images with their prices.

5. Address the needs of your customer – your product page may include such things as frequently asked questions, customer testimonials, product benefits, warranty information, product reliability and cost concerns.

Building keyword focused content pages for each of your products helps presell the products and will result in attracting more traffic and thus making more sales.

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