Generate Clicks On Your YouTube Video With A Free Call-To-Action Overlay Banner

Do you want to drive more clicks to your website or landing page?
Did you know you can get a free advertising banner
on your YouTube video?

Watch the video below..

If you create a TrueView video ad, you can create a Call-To-Action Overlay banner that displays at the bottom left of your video(whether the video play is triggered by a video ad or not). The overlay will appear as soon as the video begins to play and can be closed by the viewer. When viewers click the overlay, they’ll be redirected to your external site (landing page or video) as specified in the overlay’s final URL.

Currently, CTAs remain on the video for as long as the video owner chooses, even if the video is no longer being promoted. You can include a title and a link on the banner so when you click on the link it goes to your opt-in page. The ad banner disappears after about 10 seconds.

Here’s how to create a free call to action
overlay banner on your YouTube video:

  • So we go to the YouTube Video Manager select a video
  • Click the dropdown
  • Click promote
  • Click promote your video
  • Select the campaign budget…in this case we’ll put in $1.00
    but we’re not going to actually pay anything
  • Audience…select everyone
  • Next step..put your headline in box
  • Put a description 1 in there
  • Add Description 2
  • The Thumbnail has already been selected
  • Click “next step”
  • It says ‘Sign in to Adwords” so I sign into my AdWords account
  • Here’s your ad copy, budget, potential reach
  • Here’s my in-stream ad
  • Here’s my in-display ad
  • You’ve got add your payment information (if you haven’t already)
  • Click “create and launch campaign”
  • Both in-stream and in-display ads re under review
    so I am going to pause the campaign
  • I’m going to go back to my list of “all campaigns”
  • Here it is Campaign #11 so I am going to pause that
  • Now I am going to go back to my video
  • Click “edit”
  • You’ll see an extra link called “call-to-action overlay”
    so I am going to click on that
  • And I can put in my headline
  • You can upload an image 74 by 74 pixels..I am going to leave that
  • Put in your display URL and also destination URL
  • Make sure “enable on mobile box is checked
  • Check the sentence..”The content of the call to action overlay
    must abide by our Editorial Guidelines
  • Make sure that your ad abides by the Editorial Guidelines
  • Click “Save changes”
  • Let’s check the video…
  • Here it is “Get Free YouTube Traffic”..if I click on
    that it goes to my opt-in page
  • That’s all there is to it!

Here are 4 important things to keep in mind…

1. Videos displaying cards will not display a Call-to-Action overlay banner.
2. You can only create one CTA overlay per video and that CTA will
remain on the video whether you promote it or not.
3. The Display link doesn’t have to be the same as the actual link itself.
4. Your call to action overlay will also display on mobile devices.

Now know how to generate free clicks to your video
using a call-to-action overlay.

If you want to learn how to set up your first video ads campaign or receive advanced training then download my video ads cheat sheet at:

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