How To Combine Multiple Videos Using The YouTube Video Editor

Do you want to combine 2 or more video clips into 1 video?
Perhaps you want to add an end screen to one of your old videos.

The YouTube video editor automatically adds all the uploads on your channel that can be combined as video clips. Up to 50 clips and 500 images can be added to a project to create a new video.

Here are the steps to combine multiple
videos clips using the YouTube Editor:

Watch the video below…

  • Log into your YouTube channel
  • Click on the profile picture
  • Click creator studio
  • Click video channel
  • Select the video that you wish to edit
  • Click edit
  • Click on enhancements
  • Down the bottom you’ll see “combine multiple clips and publish new videos Try The YouTube Video Editor”
  • Click on “Try The YouTube Video Editor”
  • Here you’ll see all the videos on your channel
  • Select the video you wish to edit then drag it down to where it says “drag videos here”
  • Drag your next video into the space beside your previous one
  • I now have a a black space between the 2 videos

How do I remove the black space between video
clips so there is a smooth transition?

  • The first video stops at 2.06
  • So I click “split clip here”
  • I want to start the second video at 2.06
  • Delete the video clips containing black space
  • Now you’ve completed combining 2 video clips into one new video
  • Name your project then click “create video”
  • Ok now it says “sit tight your video edits area being processed. Come back to this page in a little while”
  • Click “video manager” to view the new video you created
  • You’ll notice the new video is still being processed so click “edit”
  • YouTube automatically puts in the description “I created this video with the YouTube Video Editor”
  • So you can edit your title and edit your description and put in your tags
  • Set it to private or public
  • Click “save changes”
  • That’s it!

Now you know how to combine multiple videos into
1 video using the YouTube Video Editor.

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  1. I was wondering if you have been able to make that instruction video on how to make a POP UP DONATE BUTTON appear on a video while playing, making it easier for viewers to make a donation, that by clicking the button, it will take them directly to the PayPal sight.

    I would love to know how to make that in my YouTube videos. I use Movie Maker, but don’t see a way to make it happen there, or in any of the YouTube editing options.


    • You could add a full screen image containing a Donate Button using the YouTube Video Editor.
      Just make sure the background is the same as the rest of your video.
      Click here to watch “How To Put An Image on YouTube Using the YouTube Video Editor”

      • So, then am I safe to assume, in YouTube, there is no actual way to add a pop up Donate Button, the same way we can add a Subscribe pop up button on each of our videos? YouTube is not able to offer this option?


        • The easiest method would be to create an annotation on top of your video in YouTube that says “Click here to Donate”
          however you’ll need to create redirect link that redirects viewers to PayPal
          Here’s how to create an annotation

          • So, by creating an annotation, but using the paypal link, instead of my channel link, in the area where I would insert that, it will redirect anyone to my paypal account link where they can donate?

            Do I have that correct?

          • Because you need to use the domain associated with your YT channel you’ll need to install the WordPress plugin called “pretty link” to redirect the PP link to your domain address. If you don’t have a self hosted WP site this won’t work.
            Here’s a video showing how to install/configure the pretty link plugin for external annotations

  2. Here’s another (legal) method for adding websites to your YT account to use for external annotations…go to scroll down to “is it possible to associate more than one website?

    • Warren,

      I do thank you for your time, and followed your directions, but still, nothing is allowing me to create an external annotation that will pop up on all my videos for someone to Click to Donate. I have my paypal link, and know how to use annotations, but no where in annotations will it accept me putting in my redirect link to create a pop up button on videos, which brings anyone to my paypal page to donate. I assume my only option is if you find a way to simply use my video editor, and annotations option on YouTube to create this, it just will not work, the way it works to create a Subscribe Button on all my videos now.


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