Content Writing – How to profit from article writing

If you spend a lot of time writing content why not try to profit from it. If you develop multiple ways to market your content you can generate multiple streams of passive income.

Definition of Passive Income

This means you “do it once and get paid forever”.

Here’s a personal example of how I did it:

I created an ebook called “101 Highly Effective Ways to Promote Your Web Site” from the articles I had written over several months. I then built a sales page on my web site with a link to purchase and download the ebook.

I marketed the ebook by continuing to write articles related to the ebook topic and submitting them to article directories and ezines. People would be redirected to the ebook web page from the resource box located at the bottom of each article.

Even though the ebook was written 4 years ago, I still sell several copies a month without doing anything except receive checks from clickbank.

Best ways to turn content into cash

1. Adsense

These are ads that you can insert within your content. When someone clicks on them you get paid per click. The key to making money with adsense ads is correct placement, types of ads (ie link ads, skyscraper ads), amount of ads on your web site and the quality of your content.

2. Reports and ebooks

If their is a high demand for a tutorial showing you how to do something (ie a unique recipe)
you could create a short report of 10 pages and sell it for $7.00. The same can be done with
an ebook (ie create an ebook containing all your own southern cooking recipes) except you
would sell it at a higher price.

3. Multi Media

Re purpose your content by presenting it in video, audio, power point, e-course, home study course, speeches, books, teleseminars, web seminars and transcripts. This enables you to profit from the same content many times over.

Read “How to Re purpose Info Products”

How to begin profiting from content writing

If you want to begin writing articles, just start writing on a topic you are passionate about.
Don’t worry too much about the order of ideas, spelling, grammar etc. You initially just want to get all your ideas out of your mind by letting your creativity flow. You can correct the content later.

After you have created many articles related on the same topic you can repackage them
in a report, ebook or modify them for multi media presentations.

The key to profit from writing content is to take massive action. If you analyze your writing too much you will fall victim to paralysis of analysis and never produce your first
information product that makes money.

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