Convert Blog to Static Site – Part 2

6. Community networking

A blog allows you to easily build a community for your niche whether it is painting, car racing, or gardening. Offering valuable, fresh content to your community members will make them want to return and also link to your blog.

7. Multiple users

If you have several members within your community that want to contribute to your blog, you can create separate logins for each of them. This can help to create fresh content without you doing all the writing.

8. Interactive

Visitors can interact with your blog by adding comments to your blog posts. They will link to your content from their own blog or add your blog to their blogroll.

9. Schedule your posts

If you want to add your content on a later date ie a few days or weeks later) you can use the time stamp feature in WordPress.

10. Offer email updates

Have people subscribe to your blog by email by registering with feedburner.

How to Convert Your Blog to a Static Site

If you want to create a static site (so it looks like a regular site and not a blog) but keep all the above benefits of a blog
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Static Blogging

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