Create a Business Tag Line for Your Web Site – Part 2

continued from “Create a Business Tag Line for Your Web Site” – Part 1

2. Group words together

Group words together that have a catchy sound, rhythm or rhyme. You may also incorporate your business or web site name in the tag line ie – Web Site Discussion

3. Usability

Try your new tag line on a few friends or family members so you get feedback from people outside of your own thinking. If they think it sounds silly or stupid it won’t be wise to use it. Listen to how it sounds when they speak it back to you.

4. Check spelling and pronunciation

Your tag line should be easy to pronounce and spell.

5. Check for legal problems

You may get into trouble if you use some multinational corporation in your tag line such as Apple, Microsoft, and Google.

6. Appropriate font and color

Use a font that is a little different from the other fonts on your web site so it stands out. The tag line font color should ompliment the other colors used on your web site.

7. Spread the word

Besides placing the tag line on your web site, include it on your business cards, in your emails and when introducing yourself to business clients on the phone.


  1. Respected Sir/Madam,
    i would like to add some tag line for my business…my business name is design catalogues…so plz give some suggeetions.

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