Create a Business Tag Line for Your Web Site

A tag line is often added to the business name on your web site or business card. It should be creative, memorable and convey the purpose or benefits of your business.

ie Honda: “what you need when you need it”

Nike: “Just do it”

How to create a business tag line

1. Research

Brainstorm keywords that emphasize the purpose and benefits of your business. Keep writing them down on a sheet of paper until you run out of ideas.

Use a thesaurus dictionary to find related words.

Use this great keyword generator and brain storming tool to find keywords people insert in the search engines to find specific information or products to buy.

Here’s how to use this keyword research tool:

A. Select the “brainstorming” category from the drop down box.
B. From the search type drop down box, select any one of these keyword tools:

search vertical brainstormer
keyword selector tool
related keywords
google adwords keyword tool
thesaurus synonym generator

C. Enter your search term
D. Click “search it:

You will now have generated a large list of valuable keywords.


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