Create High Quality Content To Reap Long Term Benefits

Google upgraded their algorithim recently to detect “content spam.” This refers to content that has been scraped or copied from other sites to use on your own site rather than creating original content. Many times websites containing low quality content ranks higher than sites containing high quality unique content. Searches get frustrated when the top search engine results display spammy web pages. Google wants to downgrade “content spam” and only display relevant web pages.

What is webspam?

According to Google:

“Webspam is junk you see in search results when websites try to cheat their way into higher positions in search results or otherwise violate search engine quality guidelines”


Google ranks sites containing original, unique content ahead of sites containing scraped or copied content.

How does this impact you?

Many websites owners continue to use article spinners to increase the number of backlinks and gain high search engine rankings. This produces low quality content for the search engines. It may work well in the short term but the chances are Google may penalize (lower your rankings) your site in the long term resulting in lost traffic and sales. Invest your time and effort into creating high quality content.

Long term benefits of creating high quality content

Continuous traffic
As long as your articles remain on the Net they’ll generate continuous traffic to your website 24/7

High rankings
If you include targeted keywords in your content search engines will spider and rank your articles accordingly

Link bait
Well written content containing helpful information naturally attracts links because readers want to share it with their friends.

Greater potential to be published
Website owners and ezine publishers are always seeking original unique content to inspire their readers.

Become recognized as an expert on your subject
If you always produce high quality content people will look forward to reading your articles because they’ll learn something new.

Build your brand
Becoming recognized as an authority on your subject helps build brand awareness.

How to create high quality content

This refers to original, unique content created primarily for readers. It must be written in a natural way so it will naturally get shared with others. Include your main keywords within the natural flow of the content. Stuffing keywords throughout the content so it doesn’t make sense not only does a disservice to your readers but search engines may detect it as “content spam” and lower your current rankings.

If you want to submit the same content to multiple article directories to improve rankings and gain backlinks rewrite the article and use different anchor text in your resource box. What’s the benefit of doing this? You created another unique article that will receive its own rankings and backlinks. Sure, it takes more work however you will reap long term benefits.

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Herman Drost is the CEO of Website Designer Maryland

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