Do you monitor your web site statistics?

website statistics
The 3 questions you need to ask in order to monitor your web site statistics are:

* How many unique visitors are coming to your web site?
* Where are they coming from?
* What keywords are visitors using to find your web site?

Your hosting provider usually includes these stats with your hosting plan. Alternatively create a Google Analytics account or get a stats counter to place on your web site from

How many unique visitors are coming to your web site?

After viewing these figures create a marketing plan to boost your visitor count each month. More traffic means more sales.

Where are your visitors coming from?

Observe which web pages are receiving the most traffic then monetize them with a product or ads. Often your internal pages receive more traffic than your home page.

If you want to increase the rankings for a particular web page optimize it, then work on building more links to it.

What keywords are your visitors using to find your web site?

Look at the top keyword phrases people are using to find your site. Create a search engine marketing plan to target other keyword phrases to generate more traffic and sales.

Monitoring your web stats shows you what’s happening behind the scenes of your web site. You can then plan a strategy to improve its performance.

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