Does Sub For Sub On YouTube Actually Work Or Not?

Do you often see “sub for sub” in
your comments section on YouTube?

Why subscribe to someone’s YouTube Channel if
you’re not interested in their content?

Inactive or disinterested subscribers don’t really contribute to your channel. YouTube often removes inactive subscribers therefore you’ll see your subscriber count decrease.

Here are 5 reasons why sub for sub on YouTube
doesn’t actually work?

Watch the video below

1. They don’t really care about your content
They are more interested in gaining a subscriber to their
own channel than in viewing your content.

2. They won’t stay subscribed
If they don’t want to be notified when you have new content for
your channel there is no reason for them to stay subscribed.

3. They won’t really watch your videos
The reason you only get a small number of views to your videos when you have 1000s of subscribers is because many of them are inactive or dead.

4. YouTube removes inactive subscribers
Once in a-while YouTube removes inactive subscribers from your YouTube Channel. Therefore you might suddenly see your subscriber count go down.

5. You won’t make more money by having more inactive subscribers
You can generate from Adsense ads based upon the cost per thousand views. Depending on the content you produce you may only make a few cents per 1000 views. So if you’re just creating videos to make money you’ll soon lose interest. Instead choose a topic that you’re passionate about.

How are 4 ways to gain more subscribers to your YouTube Channel

1. Only subscribe to YouTube Channels that you are interested in
If you find the content interesting or valuable by all
means subscribe to that channel.

2. Leave a valuable comment
YouTube often moves constructive comments to the top of the comments section. This means your comment will get more visibility and other commenters may want to check out your channel.

3. Find out where your target audience resides online
Visit forums, Google Plus communities, Facebook Groups and other social media properties where your audience hangs out online. Interact with them and leave a link to your video if you feel it will help them.

4. Make your videos interesting
Give viewers an incentive to keep watching your videos by helping to solve their problems or entertaining them. Make sure you include an invitation to subscribe to your channel at the end of each video.

So in conclusion sub for sub doesn’t actually work. The only time it
could really work is when you’re interested in each others content.

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