Effective Article Writing – How to Write an Article That Attracts Visitors

There are millions of articles on the Net and in offline publications. How are is your article going to stand out and get read over all the others? If it doesn’t get read your article will lose its effectiveness. If the goal of your article is to boost sales, increase subscribers or obtain incoming links it may not achieve it and you will have wasted your valuable time.

Top 7 strategies to get your article read

1. Clear purpose

Before writing your article decide who it’s for (target market) and what purpose it is going to serve. If you wish to boost sales for a particular product then outline the benefits of the product and why a person needs it. The purpose of your article is to put the visitor in a buying mood so you pre-sell the product. Most visitors will not make a purchase from just seeing the product once. If you offer more information about it they will appreciate the extra effort you made for them to make an informed decision.

2. Attractive title

This is the most important part of your article because it is what your visitor sees first. It needs to grab your readers attention and stand out from other articles on the same topic.

3. Opening paragraph

The introductory paragraph should outline the problem a visitor has and tell them you have a solution. People search for information on the Net to find solutions to their problems. f you provide that solution they will want to read what you have to say and purchase your product. This paragraph should prepare the visitor for what they will read throughout the rest of the article. You need to draw the visitor through the article from beginning to end.

4. Article body

Outline the benefits of your product in the article body. Readers want to know what’s in it for them. Try to place yourself in your customers shoes so you see things from their viewpoint (not yours). Write a paragraph for each benefit so they can easily be read. You will lose your visitor’s attention if the article is too long. It should be between 500-750 words long. Your paragraphs should only consist of 5 -10 sentences as most readers online will scan your article rather than reading it word for word.

5. Concluding paragraph

This should provide a summary of your article and restate what you outlined in your introductory paragraph. This helps cement in your readers’ minds the main ideas you conveyed in your article.

6. Resource box

Place a call to action in your resource box. ie “Please download my free report on How to write a article that gets read by visiting http://www.domain.com.” Also include a little about yourself to personlize your article. Readers want to know who the author is and if he is an authority on the subject. If you have written an effective article they will want to check out your web site and make a purchase.

7. Article flow

The visitor needs to be drawn through all the parts of your article so they don’t lose interest. Use words that convey emotion or suggest action. Don’t write an article that is flat and uninteresting. Your article should prepare your reader’s mind to visit your web site. The article content should blend with your web page content so the visitor is already prepared to take the action conveyed on your web site.

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