Free Keyword Research Tools to Generate Fresh Article Ideas

Free Keyword Research Tools

If you write lots of content you sometimes run out of of article ideas. This can become frustrating because you want to provide content to your readers that relates to their needs, wants and desires. If you stray away from this focus they’ll lose interest and unsubscribe from your newsletter, stop leaving blog comments and stop purchasing your product recommendations. One of the best ways to prevent this from happening is researching new keywords using the free keyword research tools listed below.

How to Generate Fresh Article Ideas with Free Keyword Research Tools

Keywords are what people enter into the search engines to find your content online. If your article ranks on the first page of Google for a specific keyword phrase you’ll get a constant flow of free visitors. Start keyword research using these free tools:

1. Google AdWords Keyword Research Tool

Enter your main keyword phrase into the search box then check “exact match” under Match Types. Exact match means you’ll receive the monthly search count for that exact phrase. Broad phrase match type will generate all the phrases that contain that keyword.

This keyword tool generates a list of keyword phrases to include in your articles. Use the keyword phrase in your headline, main content and resource box.

2. Google Search-based Keyword Tool

When you get stuck for keyword phrases related to your subject try looking for subjects outside your usual ones using the Google Search-based Keyword Tool. It will generate fresh article ideas. Simply enter a keyword in the ‘With words or phrases’ box to find related keywords and their monthly searches. After you’ve discovered some new article ideas with this tool, enter your keywords in the Title Suggestion Tool (see below) to get new title ideas. A great article title is what first captures the attention of readers.

3. Title Suggestion Tool

This tool automatically creates a list of 5 article title suggestions related to the keyword you inserted. The article titles data generated by this tool is based on incoming keyword data from millions of monthly visitors to ezinearticles. You’ll first need to create an account at ezinearticles dot com to access this tool.

4. Traffic Search Terms Data

If you can find the top keywords people used to find your current articles it will help you to generate new article ideas. Ezinearticles generates a list of the top search terms based on the traffic that came from your article. You’ll have need an ezinearticles account (or create one) to access the membership area.

To find the top traffic search terms:

  • Log into your account at
  • Click on the “article views link on the left side.
  • Click on your name to view your article data displayed in several columns
  • Click on the views link to display the number of views for each article in descending order
  • Click on the number in the views column to see a graph of the monthly views for that article
  • Click on the traffic search terms box to view the top search terms for that month.

These are the most popular keywords people used to find your articles on ezinearticles. Now use these top traffic search terms to generate fresh article ideas and write more articles.

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