Get More YouTube Views Without More Work (set-up an automated email newsletter)

Did you know that only 5% of your YouTube subscribers watch your new videos? That’s because YouTube owns your subscriber audience and its algorithm controls your video’s visibility.

In the video below, you’ll learn how to set up automatic email notifications, so your subscribers will receive an email immediately after uploading a new video.

Click here to sign up for my automated newsletter, so you’ll receive an email notification every time I upload a new video to my channel.

Later, I’ll share the 5 top reasons why you should set up automated emails for your new content on YouTube.  You’ll also learn where to promote your automated newsletter so you can get more subscribers.

Set up a new email list

Get a free email list provider account at Aweber (my affiliate link). After you’ve logged into your account, you’ll now see your account dashboard. To create a new list from your account dashboard, click on quick menu, click create a new list, fill out the details. I’ve already created a list called Drost Video newsletter. Here’s my list name. Here’s my list description from email address. You can personalize your list. Click on confirmation message, and you can set up your confirmation settings.

Set up your landing page

  • Click pages and forms.
  • I’ve already got a landing page set up. Here’s my simple landing page, but you can just go to create a landing page and then you can select from any one of the pre-made templates, or you can do a search. Here’s the one I’m using. So you can preview the landing page and then you can just customize the landing page to your liking.

Set up your form submission

When someone enters their contact details in the form on your landing page, they’ll be able to receive your emails.

  • Click on one of the fields in the form. 
  • Click submission.
  • AWeber has already created a simple thank you page and an already subscribed page. So if I preview the thank you page, this is what new subscribers will see.
  • If I preview the already subscribed page, subscribers will see you’ve subscribed. “Thank you for signing up. You’re on the list and we’ll get emails from us soon.” 
  • Under tags, you want to add your automation tag, so I’ve added youtube-automation.
  • Click preview to preview your page. If I  click on mobile preview, this is how it looks on the phone.
  • After you’ve finish setting up your form, click save and exit.

Activate your newsletter

After you’ve set up your newsletter, you need to activate it, so it will be available to the public. 

  • Click on the three dots,
  • Click publish. It says “Your page is live and ready to share.”  
  • If I click on this icon, it goes to my landing page. You can also share your link on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.
  • Click done.

After you’ve set up your landing page, you need to connect it to a campaign

Create a campaign

  • Click on automation. Here’s my YouTube automation campaign that I’ve set up, and here are my YouTube automations.
  • Click create campaign,
  • Select YouTube automation.
  • Trigger the campaign for new subscribers.
  • Apply a tag, so I entered this youtube-automation tag.
  • Click “feeds” to enter your YouTube channel feed

Here’s how to find the RSS feed for your YouTube channel

  • To find the YouTube channel ID, log into your YouTube channel.
  • Go to the left hand column and scroll down to settings.
  • Click on settings
  • Click view advanced settings
  • Copy the channel ID.
  • Add your channel ID to the end of this url like so:
  • This is your RSS YouTube channel feed
  • Another way to find your channel feed is just to go directly to this url, Copy your channel ID.
  • Place your channel feed under feed url.
  • Set the frequency for hourly, daily, weekly, monthly.
  • Select this message you want to send.  
  • So selected message here, click on that.
  • You can add your own logo, or you can get rid of the logo by just clicking on trash icon here.
  • Just enter your message, then you’ve got your feed.
  • After you set up your campaign, click save and exit.

After you set up your campaign, you need to activate it.

Activate campaign

  • Click the 3 dots
  • Click activate.
  • Now you’ll see that the status is active.

Here’s how the automated newsletter looks like to subscribers. After you’ve published the landing page and activated your  automated email campaign, you’re ready to promote your landing page on different places around the web, so you can sign up new subscribers.

How To Promote Your Landing Page

  • Share your landing page on your video or in your video description.
  • Pin it to the top of your comments, so when viewers go to leave a comment under your video, they’ll see your landing page.
  • Promote it in your channel description by adding it to your about page.
  • Add a link in your description, so the landing page link appears on your channel banner.
  • Notify your subscribers by adding a link on your community tab.
  • Share your video on social media sites. Post your landing page link on social media sites like Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, etcetera. This will enable you to share your content with a wider audience outside YouTube.
  • Post your landing page link on your website or blog to get more subscribers.

Here are the top 4 four reasons to set up an automated email for your new content on YouTube

  1. Get more views and eyes on your content.
    It’s easy for YouTube subscribers to get distracted from all the notifications they receive from YouTube, and they may miss out on your new upload. When they receive an email from you, it’s more personal than receiving a notification from YouTube and they’re more likely to open it.
  2. Get an early boost in the algorithm.
    If you get a high view velocity on your YouTube video when you first upload it, it sends a signal to the YouTube algorithm that people are very interested in watching your video. It also increases the probability that your video will be suggested to a wider audience.
  3. Control the connection with your audience.
    Recently, I polled my subscribers by asking them, “Do you get notified by YouTube when I upload a Short?” 76% said no. Only 14% said yes. 10% said my shorts appear in their subscriptions feed. This means that the majority of my subscribers won’t receive any notification when I upload a new Short to my YouTube channel.

    When you own your email list, you’re not dependent upon the YouTube algorithm to bring in new viewers, which is scary. YouTube says they’ll only notify YouTube subscribers about new shorts videos on your channel, if they watch a lot of shorts videos.

    What if the algorithm changes or your channel gets terminated? You’ll suddenly lose all connection with your subscribers. By creating and growing your email list, you control the connection with your audience and you’re not dependent upon the YouTube algorithm. Having an email list creates a backup plan for your channel.
  4. Save time. 
    After you’ve set up your auto newsletter, you don’t have to do anymore work because it’s fully automated. You just set it up once, so every time you upload a new video to your channel, an automated email goes out to your subscribers. There’s no extra work on your part.

Click here to sign up for my automated newsletter, so you’ll receive an email notification every time I upload a new video (long-form or Short) to my channel. You won’t have to rely on YouTube notifications that you may or may not receive.

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