Google Ads – Small changes can generate large profits

The AdWords guru Perry Marshall often provides gold nuggets of information in his emails. I had to include this one in a blog post because it’s a keeper…information that you should be using every time you write new Google Ads. He shows you that small changes can generate large profits.

Only a seasoned Google AdWords pro can appreciate the enormous difference that teeny tiny things make in your Google ads.

You’ve got 120 characters of space to work with, and *every* one of those characters matters. Every single one.

Case in point: Here’s a pair of actual Google ads and their stats:

Ad #1:
How to Write a Book Fast
14 Days from Start to Finish
Unique, Step By Step Program
CTR: 4.1%

Ad #2:
How to Write a Book, Fast
14 Days from Start to Finish
Unique, Step By Step Program
CTR 4.4%

4.1% vs. 4.4%. What’s the difference between the two ads?

If you look real close, you see there only difference is ONE COMMA. That’s it.

“How to Write a Book, Fast” out-pulls “How to Write a Book Fast” by eight percent. In one year that silly little comma saved me about $500.00 – because Google rewards you for writing ads that get clicked on.

People who’ve never tested this stuff have no idea how sensitive people are to little things like this. Here’s a short list of little hinges that can swing big doors:

-Verbs: speed up vs. accelerate, launch vs. catapult, endorse vs. champion, praise vs. honor, win vs. dominate, intimidate vs. terrorize, start vs. pioneer, turn vs. careen, kill vs. slay

-Capitalizing Or not capitalizing Any Particular Word vs

-Metaphors…. like….

Will Your Wedding Be
A Carnival of Utter Confusion
Or the Happiest day of your life?

-Question Marks, Colons, Semicolons, Dashes –

Popular Ethernet Terms
Complex Words – Simple Definitions
3 Page Guide – Free PDF Download

Sexually Transmitted Info
Warts, Herpes, Blisters, AIDS?
Symptoms – Diagnosis – Treatments

-Scare Quotes

Atheist “Logic”
A New Age Of Reason?
Or Just a Clever Shell Game?

-Slashes and Parentheses

Mudflaps for Trucks
Ford / Chevy / GM / Toyota
(All Trucks, All Styles, All Sizes)


Spanish? Oh, Please.
Just What You’ve Always Wanted:
Another Dopey Spanish Program.

-The Gum-Smacking Teenager

Summer Camp? Oh, My Gosh.
Seriously, You Got to Check It Out.
It’s, Like, So Totally the Bomb!

Steamy Conversation

“Get Out Now” She Said
“I didn’t show you this” I replied
“Ooh Sam, now you’re talking.”



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