Google AdSense Secrets – Review of Google AdSense Guide

Joel Comm has written an excellent 200 page AdSense Guide ebook titled

“What Google Never Told You About Making Money with AdSense!”

The ebook is well laid out therefore it is easy reading and you can begin implemeting his strategies immediately. One great benefit is that you get access to his forum once you have purchased the book. Now you can get your site reviewed and receive suggestions from other site owners how to make more money with your ads.

You also receive his newsletter which keeps you informed of new Ad Sense developments and strategies that Joel has discovered and that you can put into affect right away.

Here are some of the suggestions that have helped improve my AdSense earnings:

*Placement of ad sense ads on the page
*Number of ad sense ads on the page
*Types of ad sense ads to display
*What colors to use
*How to set up channels to track your ads
*How to optimize your web pages for the search engines

If you have a site that is already getting a substantial amount of traffic but have not yet included Ad Sense Ads you are leaving money on the table.

I highly recommend getting a copy of

Google AdSense Secrets ebook


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