Google Adwords – How to Write a Highly Effective Ad

Your Google Ad is the first thing visitors read when searching for something for a product to purchase. It has to catch their attention and persuade them to click through to your landing page. You only have a few short lines to convey your message so your ad needs to be benefit and action oriented.

Steps for writing a highly effective ad

1. Create an attractive headline

This is what visitors read first so you need to capture their attention. It should be benefit-laden and include your main keyword. Take a look at some of the competing ads by Googling your keyword. Competing ads will be displayed on the right side of the search engine results pages. Try to make your ad stand out from the others by writing it differently ie asking a question.


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2. Provide a solution
The second line should tell them what they receive that will satisfy their needs. Select the most significant feature of your product then write a short sentence on it.


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3. Call to action

Provide a strong call to action in the third line. You want them to take action right away. You may even include the price to stop tire kickers since they just click on your ad to take a look but not purchase thus wasting your money.


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4. Use capitals

Capitalize the first letter of each word for each line of your ad It’s proven this results in more people clicking on your ad.

5. Split test your ads

Sometimes one small change can improve your ad’s performance ie changing the headline, capitalizing a word or several words. Use one ad as your control ad then test another ad against it. Google rotates your ads evenly so you’ll quickly see which one receives the highest click through rate (CTR).

Your sales will increase by continually improving your ad.

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