Hire A Web Designer To Build Your Site: Top 7 Benefits

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Even though it may be tempting build your own website, in many cases hiring a professional web designer to do it for you makes more sense. Rather than wasting your time creating a mediocre site, spend a little bit of money upfront and get a high quality, custom website that accurately represents your business.

Here are the top 7 benefits of hiring a professional web designer:

1. Frees up time for other aspects of your business

If you’re the sole proprietor of your online business you’re probably wearing many different hats ie content writer, marketer, bookkeeper, link builder, etc. Designing a professional website takes a lot of expertise, time and patience. If you’re not technically inclined or have the time to learn a new skill it will take time away from more important tasks such as marketing your site so you can pay your bills.

2. Design a more professional-looking website compared to doing it yourself

When I first started designing websites I was so proud of my creations however when I asked for feedback from professional web designers, they said it looked amateurish. Don’t make the same mistake by falling in love with your own designs. A professional web designer will build a site that best represents your business.

3. Ability to add interactive features

Static websites (where the content remains unchanged) have lost their effectiveness because visitors are unable to interact with the content and no new content is added on a regular basis. If you want to attract new visitors to your business they need to be able to interact with you. Some of the ways to achieve this include:

  • Adding a blog so visitors can leave comments
  • Adding an opt-in form so visitors can subscribe to your newsletter
  • Adding social sharing buttons so visitors can share your content via Facebook, Twitter, Google+
  • Adding videos so visitors can watch and listen to the content rather than just reading text

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4. Cross-browser compatibility

Even though your own website may display correctly on your own computer it may not be the same for people using different browsers, screen resolutions and computers. This means you may be losing some of your audience and therefore missing out on potential sales.

5. Cross-device compatibility

People are no longer just using their computers to access information on the web. Smart phone use is expected to surpass computer use within the next few years. If your website can’t easily be viewed on a mobile phone without pinching and squeezing the screen with your fingers, you’ll lose customers that want to purchase your products and services.

6. Optimized for the search engines

Search engines will rank your website based on the keywords contained in web pages, the quality and quantity of links pointing to your site and the degree of social engagement. The result is that you receive free traffic instead of paying for it through advertising.

Website optimization should be done during the site’s development. It begins with keyword research…finding the keywords people search on every month and incorporating them into the meta tags, file names, navigation and web copy.

After the site has been completed begin a marketing campaign that includes link building so you can generate consistent traffic to get new leads.

7. Build a custom website that’s totally unique from your competitors

If you’re in a competitive niche your site needs to stand out from your competitors. One of the best ways to achieve this is to get a custom design that reflects your business.

Even though you could use a free template it makes better sense to get a custom-built site to avoid any problems in the future such as code errors, incorrect site structure, outdated plugins, themes that will make your site prone to hackers.

Your website is often the first experience a customer has of your business. If they had trouble viewing, navigating, or loading the website within a few seconds they’ll leave and go elsewhere. Investing in your website will help ensure your company has a strong, long-lasting web presence.

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