How can I get my website recognized by the search engines for free

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So you’ve got your website built but it doesn’t appear in the search engines even for your company name. Why not? Many new website owners think that once they upload their site to the net it will instantly be recognized by the search engines. This is not true. The search engines find your site through links. For example if CNN links to an article on your web page you’ll instantly receive thousands of visitors because they get redirected through the link on their site.

Should you submit your website to 1000s of search engines and directories?

Absolutely not! You have no idea which search engines or directories your site is being submitted to. For instance if one of the websites is about gambling your website may get penalized for linking to a bad neighborhood. Once penalized it takes a long time to get back into the search engines. Steer clear of companies that promise to submit your website to 1000s directories. Instead submit your site to specialized directories..ones that compliment or relate to your content.

How can I get my website recognized by the search engines for free?

The fastest and easiest way for your site to get indexed by the search engines is to find a website or directory that already has high rankings and receives lots of traffic.

How to get top rankings with article directories

The top article directories such as ezinearticles receive millions of visitors each day. Write an article related to your niche then include a link back to your website in the resource box at the end of the article. Make sure you include the primary keyword or keyword phrase that describes your content in your article title as well as the anchor text (linked text). Submit your article to the directory. Within a few days (or sometimes within hours) your site will get indexed and appear in the search engines.

If your keyword phrase doesn’t have many competing sites you may achieve first page rankings immediately. If it’s a very competitive phrase your site will still get indexed however it won’t appear in the top pages.

To improve your site’s rankings you need to acquire many more links from other websites. This involves a link building campaign which takes a lot of time and must be carried out consistently to be effective.

The quality and quantity of links pointing to your website will determine your rankings therefore these sites must be carefully selected to maximize your results.

Over time your site’s rankings will increase resulting in more traffic, sales and subscribers.

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  1. your blog content is very unique. Did you wrote all this yourself or outsource it? love it! keep it up!

  2. Ena…all my own unique content

  3. plz suggest me how to promote my website

    • Here’s one highly effective method…
      Write a guest post related to your website content then contact popular bloggers in your niche (ones that get a tons of comments and are active on social media). Using this kind of leverage your website will get exposed to a large audience

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