How Can I Hack YouTube To Increase My Subscribers (5 Hacks)

Reaching 1,000 subscribers can be a real struggle, as shown from these comments from my subscribers when I asked them how long it took them to reach 1,000 subscribers.

“Been at it for almost three months and I’m at 433. I’m hopeful that I’ll reach 1,000 in three more months.” “Haven’t got there yet. Been posting once weekly and growing around 10 subs per week. At this rate, it would take a couple of years, so I hope the pace increases at some point.”

“Never. It’s been really hard to get subscribers when no one else but your friends watches your channel. I’m at 58 on my YouTube channel and it’s been like that for months now despite me uploading a video every single day since January 1st.”

As you can see, the struggle is. Therefore, how can I hack YouTube to increase my YouTube subscribers? In the video below, I’m going to share my 5 hacks so you can increase your YouTube subscribers.

How To Get 1000 Engaged YouTube Subscribers Quickly & Easily

Channel page

This is like the front page of a website. When first-time viewers visit your channel homepage, you’re given 10 seconds to make a lasting impression. Your channel banner should have a clear value proposition of what your channel content is all about. Clearly illustrate on your channel banner what viewers can expect to receive from your channel if they subscribe to it.

Your channel trailer is what non-subscribers see when they first come across your YouTube channel homepage. When a viewer watches your channel trailer, an automatic subscribe button will pop up at the end. Summarize the content that viewers will expect to see if they subscribe to your channel.

Add your best playlist to the top of a YouTube channel homepage. Recently, I added a 2022 playlist at the top of my YouTube channel homepage and placed my best video at the beginning of the playlist. According to YouTube analytics, most traffic for this video comes from channel pages, which is traffic from the YouTube channel homepage. Therefore, add a playlist containing your prominent videos at the top of your YouTube channel homepage.

Add a custom subscribe link to your YouTube channel banner

If you click on the red subscribe link on my YouTube channel banner, a pop-up subscribe box will appear. It asks people to subscribe to Drost Video, so when they click on subscribe, they’ll be subscribed to my channel.

Click here to watch my video on how to create a custom subscribe link.

Add your custom subscribe link to all the places on the net where you can get new viewers to subscribe to your channel. This is can include your social media sites, your website, and even your email signature. On YouTube, you can add it to your description, pin it to the top of your comments, and add it to your about page.

Identify the top videos on your channel that are getting the most subscribers.

Click on the Overview tab in YouTube analytics, then click See More. Look at the current videos that are attracting the most subscribers to your channel, then make more of those types of videos. Study their titles, thumbnails, and the way that you’ve delivered the content. YouTube is telling you that this type of topic helps convert viewers into subscribers.

Subscriber experience

If you want to convert more viewers into subscribers, they’ve got to have a transformative experience so they become loyal subscribers to your channel.

A loyal subscriber is a person who keeps coming back to watch more of your content.

Here are 2 ways to improve subscriber experience.

  • Reply to viewers comments. When you engage with viewers in the comments, they’ll get to know, like, and trust you. If you have the community tab, you can share tips, tricks, add polls and ask questions. If you have a Facebook group, you can interact with your viewers on the Facebook group. If you have an email list, you can survey your list.
  • Increase audience retention on your videos. If you keep viewers engaged throughout your video, that means they like your content. If viewers keep returning to watch more of your content, it means that the content that you produce is resonating with them. When YouTube recognizes that viewers are loving your content, they’ll surface more of your content to a wider audience. This is where you get free promotion by YouTube and helps to speed up the growth of your YouTube channel.

Experiment with YouTube Shorts

YouTube Shorts is short form content of 60 seconds or less that allows you to reach mobile users on the YouTube Short shelf. This means you can attract a different audience that your regular videos don’t reach. Even though YouTube Shorts doesn’t generate much income for your YouTube channel, it helps grow your YouTube subscribers. Here’s an example of a YouTube Shorts video that’s attracted new subscribers to my channel.

If you want to know how to create a Shorts video using the Shorts camera on your phone, watch this video. If you want to know how to upload a Shorts video from your PC, watch this video.

How To Get 1000 Engaged YouTube Subscribers Quickly & Easily

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