How Not to Optimize Your Web Page

how not to optimize web page
If it’s blatantly obvious your web page has been optimized for the search engines Google may penalize you. In past years site owners stuffed hundreds of keywords in the keyword meta tag to improve their rankings. As a result this tag was rendered almost useless. The same could happen to your web pages.

Google frowns upon pages that have been over optimized and may lower your rankings as a result. This is why Google constantly changes their ranking rules.

Here are some of the most common places keywords are inserted on a web page:

  • domain name
  • tilte meta tags
  • description meta tag
  • keyword meta tag
  • H1, H2, H3 tags
  • file name
  • several times in the first paragraph
  • bolded text
  • multiple times throughout the web copy
  • hyperlinks in the web copy
  • navigation links

Inserting your keyword phrase in all these locations could trigger a spam filter as it’s obvious the page has been SEOed.

How should you optimize your web page?

Write naturally without thinking about where to place your keywords. If you’re always thinking about optimizing your content it will be obvious to your readers. The content may not flow well because you’ve included your keyword phrase too many times.

After you’ve finished writing your content go through it to check how many times you’ve mentioned your keyword. Shoot for 2%. This means 1 keyword for every 200 words.

Your home page should contain general keywords because it summarizes what your web site is about whereas the internal pages should contain more specific keywords related to your topic.

Instead of using the same keyword phrase throughout your web copy use several related keywords. For example if your main phrase is “article marketing” you could also use content marketing, content promotion, strategies for marketing with articles, etc. By using 2-5 words in your phrase your content not only reads better for your audience but it’s not obvious your spamming the search engines.

The next time you write web content let it flow naturally from your mind without correcting it along the way. Only edit when completed. This will enable you to churn out well written content quickly and easily.

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