How To Add Tags To Multiple YouTube Videos At The Same Time And Get More Views

Do you want to save time by adding tags to multiple
YouTube videos at the same time?

Tags help your videos get found on YouTube and Google which gets you more views and subscribers.If you want to add the same tags to 1000s of videos at once use the bulk actions feature on YouTube.

Here’s how to bulk add tags to multiple YouTube Videos
at the same time…

Watch the video below…

Say you’ve got a dog training channel and you want to add tags to all the videos on that channel.

How are you going to find those tags?

First download the VidIQ Chrome extension which you can get here
If you want to know how to install it just watch my video at the end of this video.

After you’ve installed VidIQ, then enter “dog training” into the YouTube search box..And you can see here all the dog training videos.

For instance this dog video has got over a million 85 thousand views in 2 years.
And vidIQ will show you all the tags that it is using.

So if we click on that video and all you do is just click on this icon, copy all the tags then paste them into a notepad or textedit file or Google Docs.

Here are all your tags so select a few of them..right here, then you go to your video manager, Select the videos that you wish to add the tags to.

So I’m going to select these 2.

Click on the actions – more actions – tags and here is the drop down box where it says “append’ “set to” “remove”

So select “append’ and paste your tags in there then click “submit”

And here it says “update videos? You’re about to update 2 videos. You won’t be able to perform bulk action task until this update is done.”

  • Check the box “I understand I can’t undo or cancel this
    update once it has started.”
  • Click “Yes, submit”
  • Now it’s got “pending edit”
  • Now let’s check the video
  • Click “edit”
  • Now you can see I’ve just bulk added all the tags to this video. And if I check the second video, the same has been done to this video.

Here’s a ninja tip
Add your channel name to all the tags on your videos. This will result in your videos showing up for suggested videos that appear on the right side and end of videos containing similar content.

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