How To Be More Consistent On YouTube

Do you struggle to publish videos on a regular basis?
Do you get stressed out trying to come up with new video ideas? The more consistent you can be on YouTube, the faster you can grow your channel. Today you’ll learn seven ways to be more consistent on YouTube.

For the past few years, I’ve been able to maintain a consistent schedule of uploading at least two videos every week. As a result, my channel has grown steadily because each new video attracts new views and subscribers. Most of my traffic comes from search, which means they’re finding my videos based upon the keywords they’re entering in to YouTube or Google. My other main source of traffic is “Suggested Videos” which means that YouTube is promoting my videos on other people’s channels based upon their viewing history.

Let me give you 7 ways to be more consistent on YouTube…

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1. Schedule planning time

I usually set aside one day to plan out the content for the week or for two weeks. The purpose of doing this is that I can schedule videos ahead of time, so I don’t get stressed out thinking that I have to upload a new video for today.

2. Create a list of video content ideas

I usually jot down a list of titles in a Google Spreadsheet. If I can’t come up with new ideas on my own, I’ll just enter my main keyword in the YouTube search box. YouTube will then spit out a bunch of suggestions.

Alternatively, I’ll visit channels, forums and groups of a niche or read articles online. The purpose is not to copy a video or an article, but to use it to stimulate new ideas that you can come up with on your own. I’ve discovered that if I try to force new ideas into my mind, it doesn’t happen. New ideas often emerge when I’m out and about, take a break, or exercise. Therefore, I usually use the Notes app on my iPhone to jot down new ideas as they arise. This helps prevent me from suffering from writer’s block and just staring at a blank screen.

3. Write a script

After I’ve created a list of titles for future videos, I’ll expand upon the titles by adding bullet points to each title. This helps me to keep on track while filming my video. I used to create a script where I would write down everything that I would say in the video. Nowadays, I just try to follow a few bullet points and just try to speak freely as I’m recording the video. If I make some mistakes, I just keep recording because I can edit out the mistakes in my video editing software afterwards. If you have the time, create two or three scripts on the same topic. This enables you to create a series of related videos which you can add to a playlist.

4. Batch record your videos

Set aside a period of time where you can batch record several videos at once. Usually, I do this in the morning when I have the most energy. If I leave it for the end of the day, I’m usually tired and not motivated. It also helps to have a permanent setup, so you don’t have to move around the lights and the tripod, etc. I simply switch the lights on and hit the record button. When you batch record several videos at a time, you can edit them throughout the week. Just make sure that you finish editing that one video that’s going to be released the next day.

Another time-saver is to switch your camera to photo mode and take a few photos so they’ll be ready for your thumbnails. Challenge yourself to see how many videos you can batch record in one day. If you can batch record eight videos, then you have videos ready to go without going back to the recording process.

5. Create editing shortcuts

Become very familiar with the editing software that you use instead of using all different types of software. In the beginning, the editing process will be very slow and you may take all day to edit one video. As you get more familiar with the software, you’ll discover shortcuts which will reduce the editing time.

Another way to reduce the editing time is to use reusable assets. This could be your intro, the end screen and graphics that you use for each video. If your computer and internet is slow, think about upgrading your computer by adding more memory and subscribing to a faster internet speed.

6. Fast optimization

If you want to speed up the optimization of your videos, then use a free tool such as TubeBuddy. It enables you to quickly find the right tags to add to your videos. You can also edit the descriptions of all the videos across your channel. If you use the bulk card feature, you can add a card across all the videos on your channel. Click the card icon to watch my review of TubeBuddy.

Another time saver that’s actually built into YouTube is the upload defaults. If you use much the same content for each new video you upload, just enter that content in the upload defaults. It will then automatically appear in each description of each new video you upload.

7. Promotion

Use the social profiles that are displayed under YouTube videos to quickly share your videos to your social media sites. Continue to promote your video throughout the week, so it continues to receive new traffic.

Here are several important things to keep in
mind to stay consistent on YouTube…

1. Create evergreen videos

Record some evergreen videos that have already been edited. If life gets in the way, for instance, if you get sick or if there’s an emergency, you have videos ready to go.

2. Double your energy

It takes a lot of energy to record one video because you have the ten times the energy of your normal self. Therefore if you record multiple videos in succession, you need to have a continuous flow of high energy.

3. Don’t sweat it if you miss a day

If you miss a day or a week of not publishing a video, your subscribers will forgive you and still be there when you return. You should also forgive yourself and be able to take a break.

4. Store your video files in one place

If you scatter your video files all over your computer, it will be hard to find them when it comes to editing.

5. Consider live streaming

If you want to increase the frequency of publishing videos on your channel, I suggest doing a live stream once a week. I used to upload two videos per week, but now with the live stream every Friday, I can do three videos per week.

Let me ask you an important question…

How do you stay consistent on YouTube? Post your answer in the comments below. I’d love to read them and I’m sure others would too.

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