How To Be Your Authentic Self On YouTube And Connect With Your Audience

How the heck can you be your authentic self without
worrying what anybody else thinks of you?

How do you avoid coming across like a robot on camera?

How can you be more confident on camera
without losing your uniqueness?

If you’re unable to be yourself while appearing on camera, you could be losing views and subscribers because you’re not connecting with people. How do you fix this so you can come across as your authentic self? Here are 10 tips to be more authentic on YouTube.

Here are 10 tips on how to be your authentic self on YouTube…

1. Be prepared.

If you haven’t prepared what you want to say in the video, you’ll be all over the place and lose your audience. Write out a script or create a serious of bullet points so you’ll keep on track. When you don’t know the material well enough you might just memorize a few lines before you speak on camera. Later on, you can just write down a few bullet points to keep on track and speak extemporaneously on camera. This will help you be more of your authentic self.

2. Focus on the message instead of yourself.

When you speak on camera, it’s easy to worry about what other people may think of your voice or how you look instead just focus on the message you want to get across to your audience and your fears will disappear. If you feel pressured, you won’t be able to relax and you’ll come across as stiff and robotic like on the other side of the camera.

3. Be natural.

Avoid trying to be like somebody else because people are attracted to your own unique style. Instead, try to be the best version of yourself and don’t compare yourself with others. One method to help you relax is to place a picture of a friend near your camera. Also, make sure you look directly at the lens of the camera. If you look off to the side, it’ll appear unnatural.

4. Show that you’re passionate about the subject.

If you’re passionate about the content you wish to convey to your audience, you’ll come across as a confident speaker. It will also be easier to project your voice.

5. Be energetic.

Did you know that the camera reduces your energy by 50%? When you’re normally talking to somebody, you usually don’t raise your voice, but when you appear on camera you have to raise your volume and raise your energy. Try to get energized before you appear on camera maybe you can do a few push-ups or jump around.

6. Slow down

If you’re nervous on camera, you’ll usually speak faster and be harder for people to understand you so slow down your speech and try to enunciate every single word. Also, if you’re doing a talking head video, try to vary the expression and intonation of your words. This will help keep the attention of your viewers.

7. Don’t worry about making mistakes.

When you speak on camera, you’ll inevitably make a lot of mistakes, so instead of stopping and restarting the camera just keep the camera rolling. You’ll be able to edit out in the mistakes later in your video editing software. Here’s a great tip: when you make a mistake clap your hands then in your editing software, you’ll see the spike on the timeline so you can easily edit out the mistakes.

8. Practice, practice and practice.

When you first appear on camera you can be very nervous and robotic like. As you continue to practice by recording more videos you’ll get better and better. It’s similar to running a marathon; you won’t be able to run the marathon right out of the gate. Instead, you’ve got to practice by running a few miles every day. The more miles you run every day the better your chances of completing the marathon.

9. Get feedback from others.

It’s hard to be objective when you see yourself on camera all the time, so try to ask for feedback from friends or relatives. Don’t worry about the criticism because you only want to improve. Feel free to join the Facebook group to get feedback on how you appear on camera. Just click the link in the description below this video.

10. Watch professional actors so you can improve.

Observe how people are speaking on television or in the movies. You can also search YouTube. Another idea is to join your local Toastmasters club, this is where you can give short presentations and get feedback from the class. If you continue to improve your presentation and style while being on camera, you’ll come across as your more authentic self. This will help you to connect with your viewers and subscribers.

One of the great benefits of striving to be your authentic self while being on camera, is that you easily be able to speak in front of public audiences. It’ll help boost your confidence to speak to strangers about what you do.

Let me ask you an important question…
What do you do to build confidence on YouTube? Post your answer in the comments below. I’d love to read them and I’m sure others would too.

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