How To Become Successful On YouTube

Let me ask you a question.. will you still be successful on YouTube
if you don’t have millions of views and subscribers?

Whether you’re just starting a YouTube channel or have been
building it for a while it still may not feel like it’s a success.

When I seriously started focusing on building my channel several years ago it was slow going because I wasn’t getting many viewers or subscribers. If I compared my channel with other channels that got millions of views and subscribers in the same period, I’d get depressed and lose motivation.

So what does success on YouTube look like?

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Long term success
Long term success depends on the purpose and goals of your channel. For instance the purpose of my channel is to help others grow their YouTube channels. If I can help one person solve a problem with their channel I claim that as a success.

One of the long term main goals for my YouTube channel is to build a traffic machine that continuously generates views, subscribers, leads and sales. The beauty of this machine is that it functions on autopilot. As my channel continues to grow my traffic stream gets wider and stronger. This means I don’t have to waste time and money running ads to promote my products or affiliate products.

Short Term Success
Short term successes come in many forms. Here are a few examples…

  • Helping someone solve one of their problems
  • Gaining new subscribers to my channel
  • Receiving views to my videos
  • Receiving feedback in the comments to one of my videos

Ongoing Success
This refers to the ongoing feedback I get by continually creating, uploading, optimizing and promoting my videos. Even though It involves a great investment of time and energy I get tremendous satisfaction after completing the process.

Here are some examples of ongoing successes
I receive on a daily basis:

  • Receiving a comment that says I helped someone
  • Figuring out a new factor that brings more engagement to my videos
  • Coming up with new channel content that speaks to my audience
  • Writing an email message to my subscribers that helps
    them grow their channel
  • Getting one new subscriber
  • Making new connections
  • Generating sales from my own products and
    affiliate products I recommend
  • Achieving higher conversions by tweaking my sales funnel

Here are my 10 tips to become successful on YouTube
1. Define the purpose of your channel
2. Define your target audience
3. Set weekly, monthly, and yearly goals
4. Organize your channel home page so new visitors will want to subscribe
and returning subscribers will want to get new content
5. Optimize your videos so they get discovered on Google and YouTube
6. Constantly look for new ways to improve the quality of your videos
7. Keep a constant upload schedule
8. Interact with your audience on youtube by replying to their comments
9. Promote your videos outside YouTube
10. Track the performance of your videos using YouTube analytics

Keep these 4 important things in mind
1. Believe you will be successful
2. Don’t compare your success with somebody elses success. Their definition of success may be different to .just be yourself & enjoy your own journey.
3. Celebrate your small successes because they’ll lead to your long term success
4. Success on YouTube is a marathon not a sprint. It may be slow going at the beginning but speeds up as time passes.

So be patient and don’t give up!

That’s it!
Now you know How To Become Successful On YouTube

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