How To Blacklist Certain Words On YouTube

Did you know that you can filter out certain words or phrases that
you feel are inappropriate for the comments section?

In my previous video I spoke about how to block specific subscribers from your YouTube channel.

Another option is to use the “Blacklist” feature on your YouTube Channel. You can add a list of words or phrases you want to review before it’s allowed in the comments section.

Here’s how to block or blacklist certain
words on your YouTube Channel

Watch the video below

  • Log into your YouTube Channel
  • Click your profile icon
  • Click Creator Studio
  • Click on the community drop down box
  • Click community settings
  • Scroll down to blacklist
  • It says “comments closely matching these words will be held for review.
    Live chats matching these words will be blocked”
  • Enter your words in the box that you wish to blacklist
  • Click “save”

Now people can’t use these words or phrases
when commenting on your YouTube videos.

And that’s how you block or blacklist certain words on YouTube.

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