How To Block Or Unblock Subscribers On YouTube

Do you have subscribers that leave inappropriate comments?
How do you do delete or block specific subscribers?

Unfortunately you can’t delete subscribers from your YouTube Channel but there is an easy process to block them. Once blocked, they can longer comment on your videos or send you messages.

Here are the steps to block specific YouTube subscribers

Watch the video below

  • Log into your YouTube Channel
  • Over here on the left click “My Channel”
  • At the top you’ll see the number of people that are subscribed to your channel, number of views that your channel has received and your video manager.
  • Click on the word “subscribers”
  • Here it says “only subscribers who share their
    subscriptions publicly are shown.”
  • Here it shows the names and thumbnails of the people that have subscribed, when they subscribed, how many subscribers are on their channel and you can subscribe to their channel or you can send them a message.
  • You can also click on this drop down..most recent or most popular
  • Most popular are usually the ones that have the most subscribers
  • Let’s go back to the most recent
  • To block a subscriber just click on the subscriber’s name.
  • This will take you to their channel
  • Click on the “about” link
  • Then go to the Flag icon
  • Click on the drop down
  • Click “block user”
  • A message will pop up saying “block user are you
    sure you want to block this user?”
  • Click “submit”
  • This means this person will no longer be able
    to comment or message you until you unblock them.

Here’s how to unblock a YouTube Subscriber

  • Click the drop down again
  • Click “unblock user”
  • It says “unblock user are you sure to want to unblock this user?
  • Click “submit”
  • And now Naomi will be able to comment on my videos
    or message me on my channel.

Keep these 2 important things in mind

  1. You will only see subscribers that have shared their subscriptions publicly. The number of subscribers that you see may not be equal to the number of subscribers that you see on your dashboard.
  2. You won’t be able to keep subscribers from viewing your updates but you will be able to stop them from having conversations.

Now you know how to block and unblock subscribers on YouTube

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