How To Blur Out Faces On Existing YouTube Videos

Do you want to protect the identity of someone in your video?

Perhaps you’ve created an embarrassing video clip where
you don’t want to show your face.

YouTube has a face blurring tool that enables you to blur out the faces in your videos without removing and re-uploading your videos.

Here are the steps to blur out faces in videos on YouTube:

Watch the video below..

  • Go to your video manager
  • Select the video that you wish to edit
  • Click edit
  • Click enhancements
  • Click “blurring effects”
  • Click “apply”
  • It says “automatically find and blur faces”
  • So you can see I’ve got a blurred face here
  • Here’s a Preview and here’s the Original
  • So if I move the preview window to the left it will blur ALL the faces
  • If I want to do custom blurring
  • Just uncheck “applied”
  • Click “edit”
  • Now I can just hover over the person that I wish to blur
  • The software will automatically blur out
    the person that you wish to blur
  • You can also extend the timeline if you move this slider
  • If I want to blur out another persons face I can
    select another person so I can blur out 2 people
  • If you only want to blur out the people in a
    portion of your video just move the slider here to about 10 seconds
  • Now you can see that they are blurred out up to
    10 seconds and then it’s not blurred out after 10 seconds
  • If you want to remove the blur just click
    the “X” and that will remove the blur
  • Now you’ve only got one person on the blur
    but I want to do both so I am just going to do it up to 10 seconds
  • Once you’ve done editing just click “done”

Now you have 3 choices to save the video…

  1. You can revert back to the original
  2. You can save it as a new video or
  3. You can save it as an existing video so nothing will be changed on the video except for the blurring
  • I am going to click “save” and you’ll get a pop-up saying “saving edits..we keep a version of your original video so you can undo your edits. To prevent this select cancel and then save as new video”
  • So I am just going to click “save”
  • And now you can see that it has a notice across it saying “edit in progress”
  • And if we check the video, above the video it says “Sit tight. Your video edits are being processed. Come back to this page in a little while”
  • So we’ll come back to this page in a little
    while to check out our blurred effects
  • Let’s play the video
  • You can see that the 2 faces have been blurred out in the video

Now you know how to blur out the faces in your YouTube
videos without having to remove or re-upload your videos.

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