How to Build a Quality Links Program

If you want to improve your search engine rankings and gain more web traffic you need to build a quality links program. If done incorrectly your site may get penalized and result in lowered rankings. The number and quality of links pointing to your website make a huge difference.

Benefits of building a quality links program

1. More traffic

Sites that have many quality links pointing to them do better than those which only have a few links or low quality links. Sites which get ranked on the first page of the search engines will attract more traffic than those on other pages.

2. More sales

A high-ranking site will generate more sales as long as the web copy captivates and converts visitors. Many website owners invest a lot of time improving their rankings without increasing their conversion rate.

3. Joint ventures

Top ranking sites attract marketers that want to partner with you to sell their products. For example a person may have a product that compliments your website content and will offer a portion of the profits in exchange for promoting their product on your web page.

How to build a quality links program

1. Get quality links

A quality link is one which relates to your site content. Google and other search engines place a lot of value on what type of site is pointing to yours. Unrelated links may do more harm than good. For instance a link from a gambling site may result in getting your site penalized.

2. Build link popularity

Sometimes a site having only a few high quality links will outrank a site containing 100s of unrelated links. One of the best ways to increase link popularity is write lots of content related to your niche then submit it to article directories, e-zine publishers and write guest posts for high traffic blogs. Always include a link back to your site at the end of your article to benefit from the new traffic source.

3. Use anchor text

This refers to hyper-linked text in your content and carries more weight than a regular link. Make sure you always use your main keyword phrase in your anchor text so it will boost the rankings for that phrase. Do this whenever you produce new content. Anchor text placed within the main content of your article or blog post carries more weight than at the end. This is because it is surrounded by themed content.

4. Vary your anchor text

Don’t use the same keyword phrase in all your anchor text. Search engines may view this as spam and lower your rankings. Use different combinations of keywords containing one, two, three and 4 keyword phrases.

5. Vary your links

Don’t keep submitting your content to only one web property. Search engines want to see links from a variety of sources. For example instead of submitting your article to one directory submit it to multiple directories using different anchor text.

Create a plan to build a quality links program for your website. If you do this frequently and consistently your rankings will increase as well as your web traffic and sales.

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  1. I am very new to Internet marketing and have done nothing but surf all the information out there.I have found your words helpfull.

  2. Do not submit many links in short time. Google will ban your domain.


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