How To Build A Relationship With Your Subscribers – Top 7

When I subscribe to a newsletter I keep receiving emails that only pitch products. This turns me off because I feel I’m being treated as a number on a list rather than a real human being. Internet marketing gurus often promote each others products. They always receive responses because some people are constantly looking for the next magic bullet that will make them money.

This is not the way to build relationships with your subscribers if you want them to remain on your list.

Top 7 ways to build a relationship with your subscribers

1. Think like your subscriber

Place yourself in the position of your subscriber. What would you like to receive if you had requested information about a specific topic? if you treat your subscribers as numbers you won’t connect with them.

2. Provide in-depth content

Instead of constantly pitching your products provide unique content they can put into action that helps build their business. Even small tips can make a huge difference.

3. Ask their opinion

Instead of having a one way conversation ask their opinion about something. Asking a question often generates a response because people want to be appreciated for their viewpoint.

4. Ask about their needs

You could try to guess what your subscribers are interested in but if you ask them you’ll receive a more definite answer. One way to do this is to survey your list.

5. Offer relevant training

Some people prefer to receive step by step training. This helps push them to accomplish their goals and prevents them from making mistakes that cost time and money. This is especially true for beginners who often need a lot of hand holding to become successful.

6. Personal communication

Most internet marketing gurus don’t allow personal communication. This is because they are either too busy creating new products or have 100s of thousands of subscribers on their list. They use forums or virtual assistants to handle questions related to their products. This can be very frustrating for customers who have paid big money to purchase their products.

Offer personal communication so you’ll stand out from the crowd and get to know your subscribers like a friend.

7. Write conversationally

Don’t use impersonal language in your emails. It won’t connect with your audience. Write as if you were sharing a tip over coffee with a friend. Stop feeling like you are writing to a “list.” Instead write to one person on your list, then send the email to everyone.

Building relationships with your subscribers takes time and patience. It won’t happen over night however with frequent and consistent communication you’ll build a responsive list.

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