How to Build Link Popularity and Increase Rankings

How to Build Link Popularity and Increase Rankings

Link popularity refers to the number of links pointing to your website from other websites. It’s one of the most important factors for increasing your search engine rankings. The quantity quality and age of the links will determine how well your site will rank.

How to Build Link Popularity

There are 100s of ways to build incoming links so it can be confusing to know which method is best. Instead of trying several different methods choose one and become an expert at it before moving to another. I chose to become an expert at article marketing because I can leverage the content in multiple ways.

How to build link popularity by writing and syndicating articles

1. Create an article series

Instead of haphazardly writing articles about any topic that pops into your head think about creating a series of articles around one topic then link them together so the reader can receive in-depth information. Linking the articles together will also improve link value because it adds credibility to each link.

2. Stick to a schedule

You can’t expect to be successful with article marketing if you only write and publish one article each week. Make a schedule to write 3 articles a week and syndicate them on your blog and article directories. Traffic generation from your articles is not immediate however over time the accumulation of multiple articles generates consistent streams of traffic. Think of each article as producing a small trickle of traffic with many articles creating a river of traffic.

3. Weave keywords into your content

Before writing your article do a little keyword research using Wordtracker or the Google keyword research tool to find out how many searches your keyword receives every month. If there are no searches for your specific keyword look for related keywords (synonyms). Include your keyword or keyword phrase in the title, main content and resource box at the end of your article. This helps the search engines find your article and make it stand out from all the others on the net.

I chose the keyword phrase “how to build link popularity” and included it in my title, content and resource box.

4. Include links in the resource box

Most article directories allow at least 2 links in the resource box. Make one link the full website address (ie and the other anchor text (ie hyperlinked text). Anchor text carries more authority than a URL however a URL is needed so anyone copying and pasting your article into their newsletter or blog will display your full website address.

5. Syndicate your articles

First publish the article on your blog so the search engines recognize this is the original source and will rank it accordingly. Second, publish it on ezinearticles…currently the top article directory on the Net. If you have time rewrite your article before submitting it to ezinearticles so you’ll have another unique version that will generate it’s own traffic. Even if you don’ have time to rewrite your article it’s still worth submitting because article directories have their own source of traffic. For example I often use ezinearticles to search for information instead of Google because it contains information written by experts.

6. Re-purpose your articles

The content from one article can easily be re-purposed to generate more traffic. For example re-purpose your content into a podcast, video or press release then syndicate it to podcast sharing sites , video sharing sites and press release directories. This helps vary the types of links generated from these sources. It’s easy for search engines to recognize if you’re trying to manipulate your rankings by getting all your links from only one source.

7. The more articles you write the more traffic you’ll receive

If you want to generate more sales or subscribers to your website you need to market on a frequent and consistent basis. Instead of spending money on advertising simply write and syndicate more articles. They’ll continue generating traffic for you as long as they reside on the Net.

Writing valuable content that solves peoples problems builds link popularity naturally because your readers wish to share it with others on their blogs, newsletters and social media websites. Once you get into the habit of writing content it will become easier and faster to produce and the quality will increase.

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