How To Come Up With A YouTube Channel Name Or Get A Custom Channel URL

What the heck should you call your YouTube Channel
and should you rename your current channel name?

Coming up with a unique username for your channel is not an easy task especially when most of them are taken. In this article and video (see below) I want to give you 10 tips for how to come up with a good username for your youtube channel, how to change your current channel name and if you’re eligible for a custom channel url.

Here are the 10 tips to come up with a youtube channel name

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Tip 1
Decide on the purpose of your channel

Base your channel name on your passion. This could be a hobby, interest, or topic that will have an impact on the world. For example if your channel is about dog training think about including something to do with dogs in your channel name. It could be something like, or caninefriends. You can even get more specific and use the breed of the dog in your name. Another idea is to just use your own name for your channel name if it’s not already taken. This may make it easier to stand out from the crowd especially if your name is unique.

Tip 2
Appeal to you target audience

Think about who will get excited about your video content then choose a name that fits the content. Your video content should relate to the channel name that you have chosen. For example if your channel name then your video content should be all about dogs.

Tip 3
Make it memorable

Use a dictionary or thesaurus or to come up with words that you might have overlooked. Try entering your chosen name into YouTube to see if it’s already taken. If it is, try these different word techniques to make your name easy to remember.

Rhyming – Enter a word in to find words or phrases that rhyme with it. For example if I enter “dog” a rhyming word could be dogleg.

Alliteration – these are words that start with the same letter. You’ve probably heard of these common alliterations such as, PayPal, Coco-cola, Best Buy

Suffixes – use suffixes like .tv, -cast, -vision. This will help people to know it’s an educational channel.

Use the online YouTube name generator to generate thousands of combinations of words and suffixes.

Tip 4
Keep it short and sweet

A short name makes it easy to remember and therefore easy to type. Avoid using numbers or letters in a name that is already taken. If you add numbers to the beginning or end of the name people will only be confused because they won’t know if they should spell out the number or not.

Tip 5.
Read out loud to others

It’s easy to fall in love with a name you’ve chosen for you youtube channel but it may not appeal to others when you read it out loud to them. Run it by friends and family members so you get an objective viewpoint instead of your own subjective view.

Tip 6
Create a list of multiple names

Create a list of multiple names for your channel then think about which one will work best for your niche. If you find it difficult to choose, just ask your friends and family for feedback.

Tip 7
Check if the your name is available across multiple platforms.

Large companies will spend millions of dollars to build a brand name so it becomes a household word. For example most people understand that the brand name APPLE is associated with high quality computers.

Check if the name you have chosen for your youtube channel name is also available across multiple social media sites. These may include Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, etc.

Also check if a there is a domain name that corresponds to the name of your channel so you can redirect visitors to a website. You can go to a domain registration website like to search for the perfect domain name. For example instead of (which is proabaly taken) go for something like which is still available last time I checked.

Tip 8.
Change your current YouTube channel name or not?

Perhaps you started a youtube channel many years ago and now it has a lot of authority but it doesn’t entirely reflect your video content that you’re putting out now. In this case I would stick with your current channel name because viewers are more interested in your content than they are in the name of your channel. For instance when I first started my youtube channel isitebuild I mostly uploaded web design tutorials. When I transitioned to YouTube tutorials I just kept the same channel name because I had already established authority on youtube.

Tip 9
YouTube channel Name can be different
to your Google account name

You can use a name or photo on YouTube that is different to your Google Account name. You simply connect your youtube channel to your brand account. This helps support your business or brand identity on YouTube without showing a connection to your personal Google Account.

Tip 10
Claim a custom URL for your YouTube Channel Name

Getting a custom youtube channel name makes it easy to spell and easy to remember.

You can claim your custom URL if you meet these eligibility requirements…

  • Have 100 or more subscribers
  • Your channel must be at least 30 days old
  • You’ve uploaded photo as your channel icon
  • You’ve uploaded channel art

  • Keep these important things in mind

    • You can only have one custom URL.
    • Custom URLs can’t be assigned or transferred to anyone.
    • You can’t change your custom URL after you’ve created it.

    Your audience can now access your your custom URL by typing in or This will take viewers to your channel homepage.

    Here’s a Bonus Tip
    The Google+ page is no longer needed

    YouTube used to automatically associate a Google+ page when you created a new YOUTUBE CHANNEL. If you changed your YouTube name, it would change the name of all your Google services. Fortunately this no longer applies.

    If you currently have a Google+ page associated with your YouTube account, you can delete your Google+ profile without worrying about losing the features or the content.

    That’s it!
    Now you know how to come up with a YouTube Channel name, whether you should change it or not and if you’re eligible to create a custom URL.

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