How To Contact YouTube Support (live chat, email, community forum, twitter, feedback form)

Hey, YouTube, are you there?

How come you’re not answering?

Contacting YouTube support by phone is impossible. In this video, I’m going to show you how to contact you to support via live chat, email, YouTube Help Forum, and @TeamYouTube via Twitter.

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Contacting YouTube via live chat and email is only available to those creators who are members of the YouTube Partner Program, which requires 4,000 watch hours at 1000 subscribers.

YouTube Help Forum

Here’s how to access the YouTube Help Forum so you can get help from YouTube even if you’re not a member of the YouTube Partner Program.

First, go to At the top, you’ve got YouTube Help, Help Center, and Community. You can describe your issue and then you’ve got all these helpful articles from different topics.

You can also learn and share in the YouTube community so you can join the discussion, where you can get in touch with community experts and others in the YouTube Help Forum. Then you’ve got top contributors are the most active and knowledgeable people you’ll find in the forum. You also got YouTube help videos and also got YouTube non-issues.

The easiest way to get quick help is to just look at all these particular articles. For instance, if I want to get help with monetization, I can just choose monetize with YouTube Partner Program, and then I just say like, earn money on YouTube, then I’ve got all these helpful articles.

Now, if you want to join the discussion, ask a question. click on join discussion or I can click the community tab. Let’s click “join the discussion” so that I can describe my issue.

I can get recommended answers, and then I’ve got all these different topics. You can select from all these topics in the different categories.

If you don’t find what you’re looking for, you can try asking the help community. Keep in mind that the answers to your questions will come from other users in the community as well as YouTube staff.

Click “ask now” so you can create your question. For instance, how to monetize my channel, click continue. Then you’ve got related content that might answer your questions. Then you can select category. Say, for instance, monetize with ads, memberships, merch, and more, platform iOS, select “I’m a viewer or creator”. I’m creator, then click continue. I’ve got to describe my post. I’d like to monetize my channel, check the box which says subscribe to updates, check I’m not a robot, and you can click post.

Now, your question has been posted to the YouTube community forum.

Most questions will receive a reply within 24 hours and you’ll also receive an email notification when this happens. You also receive an email that your question has been posted.

If I click on the three dots over here, I can get the link, I can edit it, and delete it. I’m going to delete this. Pick delete. You’ve also got other posts that might answer your question like the recommended answers here.

Live Chat Support

Let’s talk about how to get live chat support from YouTube. Keep in mind you have to be a member of the YouTube Partner Program in order to access live chat, support or email support from the YouTube creator team.

There are two ways to get live chat support.

  1. YouTube Help Center.
  2. Within your YouTube Creator Studio.
    If I go to and scroll down to the bottom, you’ll see contact us at the bottom right. Tell us more and we’ll be ready to get you there. If I click on contact us, then all I have to do is follow the prompts. I’ve got the drop-down here, channel, memberships, one-time purchases, tell us what you need, confirm your issue, then you’ve got contact options.

    Alternatively, I can live chat or email the YouTube Creator support team via the YouTube Studio. If you log into YouTube dashboard and click on the live chat icon, or you can click on the help icon, click contact YouTube support team, you can contact them via computer, Android, iPhone, or iPad. Just click the drop-down next to chat, select your language. I’ve got English. There’s chat with a member of our team, put your channel URL on there, and then just click start chat. Your contact options include chat and email if you’re a YouTube partner.

Email Support

If you want to get email support within the YouTube Studio, click the help icon, scroll down, click contact us, choose from the dropdown, tell them what you need help with, click next step, choose an option. I’m going to click other. YouTube gives you some recommended articles, click next step. Now it’s going to be community because there’s no email. It’s only given me the committee option at this time because the email option is currently unavailable.

Normally you’ll see both the chat and email options. I can ask my question in the YouTube Community Forum or I can send feedback.

Feedback Form

Here’s how you can send feedback to YouTube that includes a screenshot of your computer screen. Click the profile icon, just click send feedback. You can include a screenshot. You can click the highlight or hide info. If I click the screenshot, then draw using yellow to highlight issues or black to hide sensitive info. I can use the yellow to highlight issues and black if want to hide sensitive issues and just click done. After done that, just click send.

If you still have trouble getting hold of YouTube, use the send feedback option.

Here’s a testimony from MTH Vlogs who used the feedback option on their mobile app to get help from YouTube. “I go to my YouTube mobile application at the top, feedback option available. There I type if I have a problem, then send. Simple.”

Send Feedback via YouTube Mobile App

Here’s how to use the YouTube mobile app to send feedback to YouTube.

  • Make sure you have the YouTube app installed and tap the YouTube app.
  • Tap the icon at the top right of your screen.
  • At the bottom of the screen, you’ll see, send feedback right here. Taps and feedback.
  • It says, “Have feedback? We’d love to hear it. Please don’t share sensitive information. Have questions or legal concerns, try help or support.” If you want to send a screenshot, tap the screenshot. You can also write on the screenshot by tapping one of these icons at the bottom.
  • Let’s tap on this one and we’re going to black around there.
  • After you’ve finished with the screenshot, tap the check icon.
  • Just tap send feedback. That will send feedback to YouTube.

Let me ask you a question…Which contact method worked best for you when trying to get help from YouTube as a creator?

Post your answer in the comments below. I’d love to read them and I’m sure others would too.

Get Help From YouTube Via Twitter

Let’s talk about how to get help from team YouTube via Twitter.

  • Go to
  • You’ll see all the latest tweets from YouTube.
  • You’ve also got some news here like channel memberships are now available to eligible creators with 1000 subs.
  • Check if you’re eligible. It aays, “Creators: we’re bringing the ability to manage, sort, and view your Community posts into Studio on Desktop.
  • If you want to send a tweet to YouTube, just click tweet,
  • Enter your message, where it says, “Everyone can reply,”
  • You can also add images, emojis
  • When you’re finished, just click tweet. That’s all there is to it.

Snail Mail or Fax

The last contact option is snail mail or a fax if you still own a fax machine. I’ve never tried this option. There’s no guarantee that you get a reply.

Which option is the fastest and easiest way to get help from YouTube?

Live chat if you’re a YouTube partner, YouTube Help Forum, Twitter, or the feedback forum if you’re not a member of the YouTube Partner Program.

How can I get 4,000 watch hours so you can live chat with the YouTube support team?

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