How to Create an Ecommerce Website Quickly and Easily with WordPress

So you have a product or products to sell, have registered your domain name and purchased a hosting plan. One of the ways to quickly and easily create your ecommerce site is with WordPress software.

It enables you to create a dynamic site that you’re able to maintain yourself.

Benefits of WordPress

1. Easy set-up
2. Many free themes available
3. Easy to customize
4. Enables interactivity through comments
5. RSS feeds built in so visitors can subscribe
6. Enables trackbacks for link building
7. Creates search engine friendly pages
8. Automatically pings the search engines
9. Ecommerce plugin available to sell products
10. Large online community available for support

How to Create an Ecommerce Site With WordPress

1. Installation of WordPress

Login to the cpanel of your hosting account and look under the heading “Software” for Fantastico. When you click on the icon you’ll see the link for WordPress. Click on this link to install the WordPress files on the server. Make sure you remember the password it generated to login to the administration panel of your site. Your site should now be installed with the default theme

2. Select a theme template

Google “free themes for WordPress” and select from one of the 100s of free themes that you like. Download the zip file to your desktop and unzip the files. Upload the theme files to the theme folder of your site on the server (wp-content-themes). Activate your new theme by logging into the admin area and clicking on appearance. Select your new theme and click “add new”. Your new theme should now appear in your browser.

3. Add the ecommerce plugin

Google “wordpress ecommerce plugin” to download the plugin to your desktop. Install the files in the plugins folder on the server (wp-content-plugins) then activate the plugin. You should now see the ecommerce links in your sidebar…products page, checkout, transaction results, your account.

4. Add your products

Visit the general settings of your plugin to set up your product parameters e.g. countries, payment options, etc. then add your products. The plugin allows you to add as many products as you like and manage them all from your administration panel.

5. Search engine optimization

Install the All-in-One SEO Pack. This allows you to easily optimize the title and description meta tags for your content. Change the permalink structure to create search engine friendly URLs (web page address). To achieve this go to settings – permalinks – custom structure and insert /%postname%.html in the blank box. Save the changes.

6. Promote your ecommerce site

You won’t sell anything if don’t generate traffic to your website. Some very effective traffic generation strategies may include:

  • Article marketing
  • Pay per click marketing (Google Adwords)
  • Social media marketing (Twitter, Facebook)
  • Video marketing (YouTube)
  • Blogging
  • Newsletter
  • Blog directories (submit to blog directories)
  • RSS directories (submit RSS feed to RSS directories)

7. Monitor your website

View the site statisitics that are usually included with your web hosting plan to track the amount of visitors, where they are coming from and what keywords they are using to find your site in the search engines. This helps you to monitor your website’s traffic.

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