How to Create an Autoresponder Course

Sometimes people prefer to receive information spread over time so they don’t get overwhelmed and it’s easier to digest. An autoresponder course or e-course refers to a series of follow-up email messages sent out automatically every few days.

How to Create an Autoresponder Course

1. Have a goal and make a plan

Many marketers fail to create a long term goal for their prospects so they don’t plan accordingly. If a prospect loses interest they’ll unsubscribe and you’ll never see them again. To prevent this from happening think of where you want to take your prospects and what you want them to do before the course ends.

Examples may include:

  • introduce your product at the end of your autoresponder course
  • sign up prospects for another autoresponder course related to your first one
  • create a follow-up email series for buyers of your course by offering more tips

2. Choose a subject

Select a subject you’re an expert on or know a lot about so you won’t get stuck writing content. If you can’t decide on a subject create a list of them then choose the one you feel the most passionate about.

3. Create a list of topics

Each topic will represent one lesson of your autoresponder course. So if you have 10 topics you can create a 10-day course. Your first lesson should welcome your prospect to the course and describe what they are going to learn. This will help them to look forward to each lesson and be looking for it in their email box.

4. Create your autoresponder content

Your prospect has subscribed to receive content that will solve their problems, therefore make sure you offer valuable advice, tips and products as a solution. Don’t just try to sell to them. Itwill turn them off and they’ll unsubscribe. Instead of pitching your product directly try to include it naturally within your content.

If you’ve written articles for your blog you may not have to write your content from scratch. If so, use one article for each new lesson. Make sure each lesson relates to the next one. At the beginning of each lesson summarize what they’ve already learned and tell them what they’ll be receiving in the next lesson. This will keep the content fresh in your prospects mind and they’ll looking forward to receiving more good content.

The key to creating a highly successful autoresponder course is to give your prospects quality content that solves their problems. Make sure each lesson includes the lesson number, the title of the lesson, information about your product and what to expect in the lesson.

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