How to EASILY SEE WHO SUBSCRIBED To You On YouTube (Desktop or Mobile)

Steve is a recent subscriber and manages a channel called Steve the Bartender that currently has 583,000 subscribers.

Steve the Bartender: Hi, welcome to the cocktail vlog. I’m Steve the Bartender and today I’m going to show you how to make 10 easy cocktails.

In the video below, you’ll learn how to easily see who subscribed to your YouTube channel whether you’re on a desktop computer or on a mobile phone. You’ll also hear testimonies from a few of my subscribers, why they subscribe to my YouTube channel.

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YouTube says that the algorithm follows the audience, so the more you know about your audience, the easier it’ll be to create the right content for them.

Here’s how to see your recent subscribers in YouTube Analytics.
– Click on Dashboard in YouTube Analytics.
– Under Recent subscribers, you’ll see your subscribers in the last 90 days.
– Click See All. Now, I can see the first 50 people that subscribed to my channel in the last 90 days.

Bakkerfeeling Adventures. Hi, I’m Bastiaan from Bakkerfeeling Adventures. I subscribed to Drost Video because all the videos I watched were able to help me understand and learn how YouTube and the algorithm works in an uncomplicated way that’s easy to understand. If you want to improve your YouTube channel, make sure to subscribe to Drost Video.

If I want to see more subscribers, I just scroll down. Here it says 1 to 50 of many. I can just click on the arrow, Next page. Now, I get the next 50. I can go to the next page and I get the next 50. Now, I’m up to 101 to 150 of many. It shows me the date that they subscribed and also the subscriber count. For instance, Steve the Bartender has 583,000 subscribers, but I can change the subscriber count. I’ll get the first 50 that have 0 subscribers. Later on, I’ll show you how to get even deeper insights about your subscribers so you can create the right content for them.

Allen De Leon: Hi, Allen De Leon here from the Philippines. I subscribed to Drost Video because it is my go-to channel with regards to YouTube updates and tutorials. It has tremendously helped my own channel grow from 1,000 subscribers now 20,000 plus subscribers and counting with 1,000,000 plus views. Thank you, Drost Video. If you haven’t subscribed to Drost Video yet, then you should. Definitely worth subscribing.

I can also change the subscriber period by clicking on the drop-down. I can go from the Last 90 days, Last 7 days, Last 28 days, Last 365 days, or Lifetime.

Which subscribers are shown?
You’ll only see the people that have chosen to make their subscriptions public.

Ali Nowak: Hi, my name’s Ali Nowak. I subscribed to Herman’s channel because his videos are very helpful and easy to follow. He explains everything step-by-step and very accurately.

Which subscribers are not shown?
Subscribers may not show on your subscriber’s list if they’ve chosen to make their subscriptions private. Another reason why their subscriptions may not appear is because their account has been suspended or they’re being reported for spam.

How to see your recent subscribers on your mobile phone.
Unfortunately, the YouTube app or the YouTube Studio app doesn’t show the list of subscribers on your channel, so you have to use a desktop version of YouTube.

  • If you’re using the Safari browser, tap the Safari browser icon.
  • Enter the name of your YouTube channel in the search bar. I entered as my channel name.
  • Tap go. Now, you’ll see the desktop version of your YouTube channel.
  • If you want to access YouTube Studio, type studio before YouTube. I’ve got
  • Tap go. Now, I’m at my YouTube channel dashboard.
  • I just need to scroll down and now I can see my recent subscribers in the last 90 days.
  • If I tap See All, I can see the first 50 most recent subscribers.

The TheBigDaddyDReviews1: I subscribed to Drost Video because I was looking to get advice and tips on how to promote and expand the reach of my channel. My channel had been stagnating for quite a while. It had grown to a certain point and it didn’t look like it was going to grow any further. Thanks to some of these hints and tips that Herman has taught me through his video tutorials, I’ve noticed a steady increase in the amount of views and subscribers that my channel gets.

I now currently have 4,000 subscribers. Although that might seem like small fry compared to your PewDiePies and your Jacksepticeyes, it is nevertheless a number that I’m very pleased with. From a personal level, Herman has helped me out with creating better thumbnails for my videos, how to insert chapters into my videos, how to insert end screens, the best time to upload videos, and generally helping me to make sense of the changes that YouTube made to its algorithms and to its YouTube Studio. For that, thank you very much, Herman.

If you want to change the time period, just tap on Last 90 days. I can select Last 7 days, Last 28 days, Last 365 days, or Lifetime. I’m going to tap Last 7 days and now I can see the number of subscribers in the last 7 days. Now you can check who subscribed to your channel from your phone while you’re out and about.

Debbie Esplin: Hi, my name is Debbie Esplin and I have a channel about food. I subscribed to Herman Drost because when I started YouTube, I knew nothing. I subscribed to Herman Drost because he provides information on how to have a YouTube channel, how to create engaging videos, what equipment you need, how to get your videos to rank in search, and how to grow your channel by giving you researched, analyzed, factual and useful information to help you with all of that. Everything you need to have a YouTube channel, Herman provides good solid information, well-researched information on it.

How can you find out more about your subscribers?
Let’s find out more about Steve. I can visit his YouTube channel and watch some of his videos to see what kind of content he is creating.

  • If I click on his Videos page and sort by the most popular, I can watch the most popular videos on his channel.
  • I can also visit his social media sites to see what kind of content he is posting.
  • For example, if I click the links on his banner, I can go to the Instagram page, his blog, and also his store.
  • If I look under the description under his video and click on See more, I can go to his Patreon page, join his newsletter and look at his most popular videos.
  • If I click on his About page, I can see that he’s been working as a bartender for close to 20 years and for the last 6 years has been operating a mobile cocktail bar for events.
  • If I click on the Community tab, then I can see the kind of polls that he asks in his community.

    All this information can give me insights into the character of Steve and help me to create the right content for him and other people like him.

Invite subscribers to join your Facebook group.
I currently manage a Facebook group called Tube Video Boot Camp that has over 1,200 members. Members can get answers to their most burning questions and interact with like-minded people. I also share tips and tricks that often don’t make it into my YouTube videos.

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Here are 4 main benefits why you should get to know your subscribers on a deeper level.

  1. You see them as a real human being who has interests, desires, and emotions instead of just being a number.
  2. Collaborations. If they’re in the same niche as yourself, you might want to create a video together on a topic that serves both your audience and his audience.
  3. Get to know his interests and his audience interests by watching his videos, reading his social media posts, and reading his community posts.
  4. Know their language. If they come from a different country that doesn’t speak English, you may consider translating your videos into a different language or languages so you can reach a wider audience.

How can you know the age, gender, and country of your viewers?
Watch this video to discover who watches your YouTube videos, when they’re on YouTube, other channels they watch, and other videos they’ve watched.

Watch this video to SEE WHO VIEWED Your YouTube Video (Desktop or Mobile)

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