How To Edit GoPro Videos On Quik App (FAST & EASY) No Computer Needed

If you’re traveling and just have a GoPro camera and a phone, you can make awesome little action videos and upload them directly to social media. No computer is needed.

In the video below, you’ll learn how to quickly and easily edit GoPro videos on the fly just using the GoPro Quik App on your phone. View the videos filmed with my GoPro Hero 9 camera and edited with the GoPro Quik app


Here are the requirements to use the GoPro Quik app to edit GoPro videos.

Go to the App Store or Google Play Store to download the GoPro Quik app. It says, “Get the most out of your photos and videos no matter what phone or camera you captured them with.” As you can see, I’ve installed the GoPro Quik app already. Immediately, you can see all the videos that I’ve already created using the GoPro Quik app. Make sure we pair the app with your GoPro camera. You can control the GoPro camera using the GoPro Quik app. Click Control Your GoPro. Now it’s connecting. It says, “GoPro wants to join the Wi-Fi network.” Tap Join, and now I can see a preview of myself on screen.

This means you can film yourself without holding the GoPro camera and operate the camera with a Quik app on your phone from far away. I tap View Media. I can see all the media that I’ve taken with my GoPro camera. I can also manage auto uploads. So I tap Manage Auto Upload. Auto upload is on. That means whenever I connect my GoPro to the Wi-Fi network, then all the video footage is automatically downloaded to the GoPro app.

If you get the yearly subscription from GoPro, you’ll be able to get unlimited cloud storage for all your files so you can back up from the app, the camera, or the web. You’ll also be able to unlock the premium editing tools from the Quik Pik app. Get up to 50% off mounts, mods, protection, backpacks, et cetera, and no-questions-asked camera replacement.


I tap the icon at the bottom right that I can see the videos that I’ve already uploaded to the Quik Pik app. You can see all the different dates of the different footage. I can also upload more video footage just from my phone. If I tap Phone, then I can select video footage from my phone. If I tap Edits, then I can edit the current videos that I’ve created using the GoPro Quik app. I’m going to tap on View Media.

Here’s all the video footage that I’ve taken with my GoPro video camera. If I want to download any of this video footage, I just select the icon on the top right, select the videos that I wish to download, do these three, then tap the arrow at the bottom. It says, “Some files have already been downloaded.” So I tap Continue. Tap Got It. Now my video is being downloaded to the QuikPick app that’s stored in the cloud so then I can create my video with these video clips.

While these clips are being downloaded, just keep in mind to make these video clips when you’re shooting the videos, very short so they’re easy and quick to download. The more clips that you shoot with your GoPro camera, it will take longer to download all those clips. I’ve downloaded all the clips, and I tap View Media. Here you can see the three clips that have been downloaded. In this app, you can see all the videos that have already downloaded.

I can also add more videos like from my phone if I tap the Phone. Then I can upload videos in my camera library. Now if I tap Edits, then I can edit the videos that I’ve already created. If I want to edit in these video clips before I create the actual video, I can just tap the video, tap the pencil icon, and I can clip the clip, I can frame it. I could do fit, horizon. I could rotate it. I could flip it, flip it the other way. I can do filters. I’ve got style. All the different filters I can add to the clip.

If I want to speed up the clip, I just tap Speed. Then it says, “Tap blue button to start,” and drag timeline to create a section. I can do one time, two times, four times, even six times. Tap the X. I tap Adjust. I can do auto. I can do exposure, contrast, vibrance, temperature, shadows, and highlights. You’ve got quite a few tools to edit a particular video clip. That’s the editing feature. If I go back, if I tap the Save Frame, I can save a frame. If I tap the next icon, then I can choose different transitions. I can choose different themes.

I can also choose different music. So I tap the music; summer, epic, night, all these different ones. Tap the next icon. Then I can choose different highlights and I play it. Then I can just tap the highlight and create highlights for that particular video. This will highlight different stages of the video. If I don’t want to use this video clip, I can just tap the trash icon.

If want to save this video to my photo library, just tap the icon on top here and tap Save to Photos, or I could share it with the media.

I can share it on Instagram. I can share it as a story or as a feed sharing to Facebook. You have to link that up to Facebook. I can do it to YouTube. If I tap the three dots, then I can airdrop it. I can share it via messages, mail, et cetera, or I can copy it and share it elsewhere.

Now I’m going to create a video out of these three video clips. Just tap the icon on the top right, then I can choose a date of all the video clips that I took. Tap the box, it automatically checks them. If I uncheck that, I can also just tap the different video clips one, two, three. Then I can go down to the bottom and tap the left icon here. Then tap Create new event, Adding to Mural, one to three items added. Give it a title. This will be Test. Save details. Here’s my video that’s created out of three clips so that can be really fast. If you have 40 video clips, you can just quickly download them on your phone to the cloud, and then quickly create that video within a few minutes.

If I tap the video, then I can do the same as before. I can edit it, add the clips, frame it, add filters, speed it up, slow down, adjust, and also add stickers. If I tap the three dots on the video, I can add the title and date, or I can delete the event. If I want to add more to it, I can just tap the icon at the bottom right. Then I can add more videos from my phone.

If I want to save the photos, just tap the arrow icon at the top, and I can save to my photos or share it on media, and also, I can create a share link.

If I want to edit the video clips on the timeline, tap this icon, and here are all the different video clips. It also has a GoPro logo on the last video clip. If you want to disable that, just tap the GoPro icon, tap Disable, and tap Done. After you’ve edited your video, you can just tap Save. Now it’s saving my video. Now it’s saved. Tap Got It. Here’s my edited video.

If I want to edit it, I can just tap the video, tap the pencil icon again, then I can edit it with clips, frames, filters, speed, adjust, and stickers. If I tap the next icon, I can save a frame.

If I tap the timeline icon, then I’ve got all the clips of the video there. I just select the clip, and I can trim the clip. I can highlight. So as the video plays, I can just tap the different highlights, or I want GoPro to highlight a particular scene in the video. When that’s done, just tap the check icon. I got frames so I can frame it. I got fit, horizon. I can rotate it, flip it, flip it a different way, then I can go reset.

Then I’ve got the different filters as I showed you previously. I can also adjust the speed. I can also adjust the volume. I can mute, mix, boost. Then I can also add text. Just tap Text, then add some text. I can also adjust it. Tap Adjust. I’ve got auto adjust, exposure, contrast, vibrance, temperature control, shadows, highlights. Once you check one of these, just tap the checkmark. Once you’ve done everything, just tap Done.

Once you’ve made your edits, you just want to tap Save to resave the video that you’ve altered. Tap Save. Now we’re resaving my video.

Here are a few tips to keep in mind when editing your GoPro video clips using the Quik app.

  • Shoot short clips so they don’t take so long to download.
  • Shoot in high definition like 4K or 5K so the video footage looks really good when uploaded to YouTube or Instagram.
  • Choose music that fits the story of your video.

The Quik Pik app allows you to import photos and videos from your phone, GoPro, or any other camera, automatically highlight video clips in seconds, take control with powerful, simple editing tools such as auto-syncing edits to the music, choose from dozens of filters, trimming, color, crop, changing video speed with just a tap, use your phone as a remote control for your GoPro camera, plus transfer shots wirelessly to your phone for easy sharing.

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