How To Find & Add Your Subscribe Link On YouTube & Get More Subscribers

Let me ask you a question…do you want to get more YouTube subscribers?

More subscribers means you’ll get more views on your YouTube videos. More views results in better rankings because Google likes people interacting with your videos on YouTube.

Here are the steps to find your YouTube Subscribe Link:

Watch the video below…

  • Log into your YouTube channel
  • Click your profile icon
  • Click YouTube settings
  • Click “advanced”
  • Copy your YouTube channel ID
  • Paste it into a text file
  • Replace channel ID in the URL with your own channel ID
  • Check if it works in your browser (ie Google Chrome)
  • In the browser…you’ll see a pop up box that says “confirm channel subscription”
  • As soon as your viewer clicks the subscribe link they’ll automatically be subscribed to your channel

Here’s what you can do for older YouTube channels..

  • Just grab the name of your YouTube channel (ie isitebuild)
  • Paste it into your text file
  • Notice the subscribe link URL is different to the channel URL
    For example:
  • In this case it says user instead of channel and you just replace “isitebuild” which is the name of my channel with your own channel name
  • If you copy and paste the URL into Google Chrome, you get the same response as using your channel ID.

Now let’s create a subscribe annotation

  • So I’m just going to go to “creator studio”
  • Video manager
  • Select the video..I’m going to select one called
    how to use adwords for youtube
  • Click “edit”
  • Click on “annotations”
  • Let’s add a subscribe annotation to the beginning of the video
  • So click “add annotation”
  • Click “note” it is..let’s enlarge it a little bit
  • Click drop down “subscribe”
  • And you grab your subscribe link
  • I can just put in my YouTube user name and it will automatically fill it in
  • Preview the link
  • If you look in your browser window you’ll see the subscribe
    link going to your channel
  • Leave “open link in a new window” unchecked so
    it won’t open in a new window
  • After you’ve done that click “apply changes”
  • Check the video in Google Chrome
  • When you click the subscribe link the pop up box will appear
    asking the viewer to subscribe
  • That’s it!

Here are 3 additional places to add your subscribe link:

1. Add your subscribe link in the description below your video
2. Add it to your email messages
3. Add it to your website or blog

Now you know how to find your YouTube subscribe link
and generate additional subscribers.

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